The King's Parade - Haze | EP Review

Following the acclaimed success of their debut, The King's Parade are back with their latest musical offering. Taking it's name from the lead single, new E.P Haze continues to explore the band's unique and modern soul sound.

'Not Yet' kicks off proceedings with a minimalistic use of chords and tempered pace. The understated instrumental reveals frontman Olly Corpe's smooth and soulful vocals. It's not an opener that breaks new musical ground by any means, but it is well done. It succeeds in establishing the band's distinctive fusion of indie and soul and showcases Corpe's stellar voice.

The bluesy riffs and harmonies of 'Old Stone' wouldn't be out of place of a Black Keys album. Unfortunately, the track is tarnished somewhat through the excessive echo and reverb of the high-pitched backing vocals. Once you've noticed the shrillness of the repetitive 'oohs,' they become gratingly hard to ignore.

'Mother Tongue' proves a stronger track. A welcome surprise, the track launches into an old school RnB vocal, accompanied only by an organ. The track transitions to rockier riffs and drums but as we reach the end, the track comes full circle, returning back to it's stripped back RnB. The track is an interesting experiment in genre-play and undoubtedly, the most intriguing track on the EP.

Lead single, 'Haze' concludes the EP. A slow, jazz infused intro paves the way for a romantic, soulful chorus that's matched perfectly with the smooth, balanced bass. It is the most emotive track of the album and is executed perfectly. It is by far the strongest track.

Haze is a solid progression from 'Vagabond' and demonstrates The King's Parades musical chops. Whilst some tracks didn't quite hit the mark, the atmospheric tone of the EP ensures the new offering will go down a storm live. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/thekingsparade Twitter: @thekingsparade Review by Rebecca Marano


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