Live Review: While She Sleeps w/ In Hearts Wake At The Asylum - Birmingham 12/05/17

If it feels like While She Sleeps are one of the most important metal bands in Britain at the moment - that's because they are. Recently released record You Are We saw the band break into the top 10 of the UK album chart, but more than that; was undoubtedly one of the best metal records released in the last few years. Their extensive, mostly sold out tour of the UK lead them to The Asylum for an evening that would further cement While She Sleeps as a band with shoulders giant enough to carry British metal upon. Main support band for the tour In Hearts Wake [8] put in an astute, thumping performance - doing more than enough to put a surging amount of energy into the venue.. Through the dark, fogged silhouettes stood a band of charisma and certainty. Despite some technical vocal issues - the bands thick chorus sound in tracks like 'Refuge' and 'Survival' still come across with a beating heart. The quintet's formula of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown doesn't often change up - yet still comes across both unrelenting and bruising every time.

In Hearts Wake - Photo Credit: Kane Hibberd Kicking off with album title track 'You Are We' While She Sleeps [9] hit the stage, start the riffs, and the place hits fever pitch. With a set that had the poise and tenacity of a punk rock show, without jeopradising their crafted metal sounds. Putting no less than seven songs off an album that has been out just over a month put into the live set, it's clear that the Sheffield metallers are fully aware of the gem that they have created. Seemingly every knook and cranny of metal was covered - 'Wide Awake' bought bounce with it, 'Brainwashed' and 'Our Legacy' were unforgiving in their pace, and 'Four Walls' brings the euphoric sing-along moments that truly captures the hearts of the audience. While the dives and shoe throwing crowd antics of vocalist Loz Taylor do their best to be the center-piece of the evening, what rings truest from the set is the performance level that the five piece bring to the table. Effortless. Proficient. Impeccable. It's the story of a phenomenal live band that have grafted their fingers to the bones on the road for a number of years, but While She Sleeps ability to control an atmosphere was a staple of the performance, with hundreds of people eating from the palm of their hands - a sweat drenched audience could do little more than delightfully unite in awe at the level of intensity that ran throughout the performance. Hitting its highest echelon when recent single 'Silence Speaks' reaches its climax - the walls shake and screams are deafening, this is all-encompassing metal. It makes sense that every genre has certain artists that get given a certain tag line, as for British metal, it has seemingly been searching for a new band to believe in. While She Sleeps are it. Despite deserving it since their debut album This Is The Six, You Are We is currently giving the band enough recognition to ensure that all eyes are on them, and with the ability they have as a studio and live band, it's worth betting that all eyes will stay on them.

While She Sleeps - Photo Credit: soybasedgoth


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