Triverse Massacre: 'Hades' - EP Review

I’ve heard in a few different circles that Death Metal is… well, dead. Now, far from it, there’s just those bands beneath the surface that are still doing something new and brutal. Death Metal is still evolving and offering new carnage over new carnage. Just there’s a lot out there that feels generic or that loses that sense of violence that you get in a good Death Metal band.

Carlisle’s Triverse Massacre, are a band that are building a bit of momentum since starting out in 2010. Their new EP, Hades, looks to build on this. This is Death Metal trying to shout out through the waves and be heard. Very much alive, the EP builds a sense of dread but ultimately smashes us with the walls of sound and precision that good Metal often can. Metal being a revelation through violent hearing and Death Metal is certainly no exception. What tends to be missing from most bands is that sense of excitement you get from something that is both brutal and new. Hades is a well-rounded EP, offering a consistently aggressive energy. A sense of melody that sneaks its way into tracks like ‘Styx’, can be refreshing and a good lead into the more aggressive moments. However, that sense of groove that comes across in tracks like ‘Acheron’ and ‘Lethe’, really pushes the EP forward as exciting.

Triverse Massacre are slowly making a name for themselves and are doing so with a precision and energy akin to bands like Decapitated and at times Benighted. If we find beneath the surface more bands like Triverse Massacre – and if they can keep it up! – then Death Metal is truly alive.


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