Interview with Jeffrey Wellfare of Capture

After all the exciting stuff happening over at the Capture (Formerly Capture The Crown) camp we couldn't resist but to chat to the main man himself Jeffrey Wellfare on all the exciting changes, what we have to look forward to and even what he is listening to at the moment!

So from the ashes of much loved metalcore titans Capture The Crown have arisen Capture. There seemed to be a bit of confusion following the announcement of the name change on circumstances so we asked Jeffrey Wellfare what this reincarnation meant for the band going forward. "We are taking on a new sound, new direction, and just rebranding as a whole." Wellfare moves on to tell us on that amazingly heavy self titled release 'Lost Control'. "Lost Control was catered towards our existing sound with a splash of what’s to come.. It is 1 of 12 very different songs on the album. It shows that along with the new material and direction that we are diving into, we've also tried to capitalize upon our metal-core roots and give fans an interesting experience." And when we asked on what we can expect from the much anticipated album we definitely got the answer we were hoping for! "[Expect] A chaotic balance of songs written through different genres and tastes of music."

We were keen to know the the differences Capture may have faced with the new album. Regarding the recording process we wanted to know whether it was different this time around. "Like any other album, the group stays in one spot over the duration of writing and recording an album, so there's no real difference in that aspect. But as for this time, we worked with Kris Crummet in a very lax and secluded environment, which allowed us to really focus on the project and the writing process at hand. We also came into the studio more prepared than ever so I guess this was one of the main differences from past albums."

We also asked the very important question that UK based Capture fans want to know, will the band be hitting our shores anytime soon!? "Not at the moment but we are working on coming back strong and hitting all of our favorite places, including UK/EU!"... We will be holding you to that! So what are the bands plans for the rest of the year, we hear you ask? "Music video, album release and tour." With the single 'Dingbats' released we are really starting to get a feel for Capture and what they have to offer. For those fans who are still reeling from the band not hitting the UK anytime soon, at least you have an album release and music video to look forward to!

At Noizze we always love to know what people are listening to and what music tastes people may have so we asked Jeffrey what music he is listening to at the moment. "I'm currently listening to a lot of Drake, Migos, Post Malone, Mike Stud, 2 door cinema club, MO, Chainsmokers and Coldplay." "Shoutout to Noizze!" Massive thanks to Jeffrey Wellfare for chatting to us! We strongly recommend you keep an eye on the goings on of Capture and we hope you are as excited as us for that album release this year!


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