Introducing... Loom

Forming through a shared boredom of the music that currently floats throughout our airwaves, three piece Loom are the story of wanting to be something different in an industry where so much sounds the same. More than just a band that want to go against the grain though, Loom are a triplet that stay true to themselves, turning down offers from labels even in this early stage of their career, with frontman Tarik Badwan claming: “Labels and journalists were quick to assume we had a certain sound and wanted to have an influence on that.” With this in mind, the debut self-titled Loom album is just two days away and can still be pre-ordered via Pledge Music here: The band have also shared 'Nailbender' from the record, which the band claim is a 'defining' moment for them: "[Nailbender] is a defining moment for us. It is the last track we wrote for the album and offers an insight into the risks we are willing to take with our approach to songwriting. We tried to experiment with as many new ideas as possible and condense it into a cohesive 3 minutes of noise." You can check out 'Nailbender' from Loom's upcoming self titled album below: