God Dethroned - Interview with Henri

God Dethroned are a truly interesting Death Metal band from the Netherlands. Formed in 1991 by Henri Sattler and having recently released The World Ablaze (which we took a look here) after a long hiatus we had a chance to talk to with Henri Sattler about all things metal.

Noizze: Hi, thanks for giving us this opportunity, lovely to speak to you. How are you? Henri Sattler: Doing fine, thank you. Noizze: It’s awesome to see the band back and with the upcoming album, the first since 2010’s Under the Sign of the Iron Cross has it been different to approach? Henri: Not really. It’s just that we wanted to write an album that’s more dynamic and diverse and so we did. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross was fast and aggressive only which was great, but could get a bit boring whenj playing live. The World Ablaze has more melodies and parts to bang your head to which is better when playing live. Noizze: It still keeps your sound strong and even helps to show why your sound is so unique, is there a general way you approach your music? Henri: I guess it’s my way of playing guitar and some sort of timing in the riffs that makes it typical for God Dethroned. People can always tell fairly quickly that they are listening to a GD song even though they hadn’t heard it before. Noizze: Genre is hard to define, and I feel doing so would limit your sound but there’s almost a different audience for black and death metal fans. Would you say your band fits into genre or has a particular audience? Henri: Our fans typically like both genres. I think we always made a nice crossover between the two. However the new album is more pure Death Metal this time. Noizze: It’s stated on Wikipedia that you’re “an important part of the Dutch black metal scene” according toThe Encyclopaedia of Dutch Black Metal, which is an interesting fact for the band, would you care to comment on this at all? Do you feel this is true? How did this come to be for example? Henri: I don’t know why they say something like this. Although we have had a lot of black metal influences in our music in the past we are mainly a death metal band. Of course it’s great when your music is appealing to black metal fans as well and maybe that’s the part they are referring to. Noizze: The kind of vocal approach to your band is quite distinct, it’s quite an important approach to extreme metal. Was it difficult to refine? Would you have any advice for other aspiring metal vocalists? Henri: It’s just a matter of personal taste i think. I like it when people can hear what i’m singing because then it has more impact. It’s something i always did like this. Besides that i try to make my vocal lines as catchy as possible. After all it’s important that people can remember a melody, rather than just trying to be extreme. Noizze: Your band almost masters a brutality with a sense of melody, capturing that good guitars isn’t just about speed. Is there a way you approaching writing this? Or any inspirations? Henri: I grew up listening to bands like Iron Maiden before death metal was invented. I guess those early influences always stay a part of your creative process. Apart from that i listen to different music as well. I’m a big fan of David Gilmour, so that also helps finding different approaches to writing songs. Noizze: Is there a specific way you like to write your music? Henri: Yes. I like to have an image in my head before i start writing. It helps me create the atmosphere that i’m looking for. And then there’s always a melody that forms the basis of the song. The rest comes naturally. Noizze: What do you see for the future of God Dethroned? Henri: As many live shows as possible. Noizze: Also the future of Extreme Metal Music? Henri: There will always be a future for extreme music in my opinion. People will always want to feel this rush of energy through their bodies. Noizze: Is there any advice you’d give to aspiring musicians/bands? Henri: Try to do something that another band hasn’t already done. That’s probably the fastest way to success. Also the most difficult one... Noizze: We, at Noizze, are also very interested in up-comers and generally bands that don’t get that attention despite some of the wonderful music their create. Are there any bands you’d like to give a shout out to, that would fit into this group? Henri: The Wounded. Not really a new-comer anymore but a wonderful band. Noizze: We do like to end on some silly questions so can we ask: what’s your favourite TV Shows? Henri: Vikings and of course Breaking Bad because of my spitting image Walter White. Noizze: And Imagining yourself as a beast, how would you hunt and kill your prey? Henri: I would steal eggs from a chicken! Noizze: Thank you very much for your time and for engaging with our questions, it’s a pleasure. Thank you and all the best for you guys in the future. Henri: Cheers, Henri God Dethroned

The World Ablaze is out now via MetalBlade Records and we reviewed it here.

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