Karkaos: 'Children of the Void' - Album Review

Canadian Metal seems to be making more and more of a mark on the world. It seems in the ashes of the world there are some violent screams still reaching through the darkness. It’s also heavy, diverse and varied. This pulse seems to carry with it a healthy amount of everything you’d want from metal. There is at least one band for you out there it would seem. Montreal’s own Karkaos have been gaining a lot of support recently and over their approximately 10-year lifespan they’ve certainly haven’t lost that energy but refined it. They’re also like a more extreme Within Temptation, showing hints of In Flames for good measure. Female fronted, symphonic and with that aggressive touch of extreme metal. Children of the Void will be their second album and it’s ready for us 26th May.

Their sound, on this album, makes the symphonic elements subtle but epic, whilst keeping a relentless violence keeping the power with the guitars and drums in particular. The Guitars will occasionally take centre stage but keeps the rhythm relatively standard in support of a voice. A voice that shows a steady power, it’s never too large or dominating but almost calm. Moments of rougher vocals still keep this but add the darkness of death metal screams like a less screamed Angela Gossow for the most part.

We certainly see a sense of the supporting work of the symphonic elements in ‘Skymaster’ and the title track: ‘The Children of the Void’. It’s only once or twice that this rule is broken perhaps most notably within ‘Let the Curtain Fall’. The sheer aggression of songs like ‘Tyrants’ and ‘The Beast’ really shows how particularly the drumming wants to smash past your ears like an earthquake. Most songs have the diversity within them to hold that almost story-like quality some songs can have. It’s like their trying to tell a story and are unafraid to go from moments of calm to sheer violence to a steady headbanging beat. Best example is definitely ‘Bound by the Stars’ their final and longest track of the album.

Children of the Void is a well accomplished and well produced album. Definitely appealing to the symphonic and melodic crowds and hitting extreme metal and metal audiences in equal measure. Karkaos know exactly what they want to be and exactly where they’re going and are likely to steadily receive more attention for their efforts. The albums energy is consistent throughout but never push into more explosive territory and is at danger to falling into the nice background category. Despite this there is a sense that the aggressive energies and calm and oddly soothing vocals can really make a statement to be heard. There will be more by Karkaos and Canada.

Score: 7/10

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