Eleven Bands to Watch Out For at Latitude Festival!

Watching bands you already love can be extremely enjoyable, but discovering an entirely new act to add to your playlists however, is truly an integral delight of life. That is why Noizze have decided to thoroughly file through this year’s line-up and determine the eleven top acts that should be added into your festival schedule for the annual four-day celebration.

The Coral Since 2001 and their first album, the jaunty indie entourage have continued to produce knock-out material that justifiably sent their album sales into the millions. The all too familiar opening notes of ‘In The Morning’ and the trademark bass lick of ‘Dreaming Of You’ are usually enough to get the fans blood pressure rising but if you are new to their music, they have a thicket of seven albums to flick through that promise a minimum of eight or ten favourite tracks for you to discover.

The Very Best Branded as the Malawian/Swedish hybrid that speaks about more than just your latest nightclub antics and rolling in the riches, this revolutionary form of Afro-pop goes behind the political curtain and reveals the corruption and brutal poverty that sweeps the South African nation. Unconventional comrades met through conventional circumstance, these two musicians are a sure-fire certainty to demonstrate the new-wave reach and the evolution of pop.

The Lemon Twigs It is profusely ironic that these Indie brothers have been proving to the music community that they have an enormity of diverse melodies and originality to offer when they actually sound as if they have traveled to present day from a past, where they would have been simply categorised as a knock-off imitation of successful predecessors. Seeing however that they have brought effervescent execution into the field, the public realised their potential and ponder their capability of one day joining those precursors on their own polyvinyl throne.

Superglu Other than a judicial and fresh sample of English punk pop, the only other description that suitably defines this is blending a rich mixture of traditional Weezer and stacks of LSD. The high-spirited musicians have wasted no time in making their way of life acknowledged far and wide from Texas’s SXSW Festival, as well as claiming the headline slot on 2016’s BBC Introducing Stage of Reading & Leeds Festival. Good vibes, cool music and no regrets when you experience this time for the first or fifth time.

Sigrid ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is the disobedient Norwegian anthem that was rewarded generous radio time nationwide and gave this emotionally-driven lyricist her platform to truly brandish the music industry with her attitude lavished pop. Self-releasing her first single while in education, Sigrid has passed the necessary tests and demonstrated that she is ready to school whoever tries to oppose her.

Leon Bridges A retrograde sensation with a title to match his process, Leon Bridges is quietly rekindling the old spark of dated music traditions for a modern generation of music lovers to revel in. His latest album Coming Home may have been released two years ago but there is no denying that the cadenced stimulation of this resurrection is still burning strong in the hearts of soul connoisseurs and genre initiates alike, ready to accept this artist with open arms to Henham Park.

Youngr Among the rising talents is definitely this one-man workhorse. Fans of pop cavalier Jack Garratt will adore his multitasking abilities as the artist takes his own unique swing on the synth side of his repertoire including a fiery remix of The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition and his own ‘Out Of My System’. Sporting a guitar, full drum kit, synth board, great vocals and an even greater stage charisma, this ambidextrous artist is surely set to mesmerise and hypnotise.

Idles If you need to satisfy that wild post punk itch when confronted with a sea of indie and acoustic bands, then best to head over to the Lake Stage and prepare to have your ears battered by Idles’ politically-tapped tunes or Mark Bowen’s guitar head thrust inside it. Both intimidating and entertaining their fans in one rigid blow has always been the bands mantra and the audiences thrill to experience as they embody written verses of the punk bible before tearing out those pages, carefully rolling them into a fine point and popping each safety bubble and artistic shutdown that crosses their path.

Catherine Mcgrath The intensification of the Nashville country genre has stretched out exponentially to branch out into various sub-genres (including a thick relationship with the pop culture) which shine through brightly over this Irish singer/songwriters work. Noticeably taking influence from current chart toppers, Mcgrath’s sun-soaked aura glides out of speakers like a dandelion seed carried through the cool breeze. A quintessential summer artist who carries country in her heart and an acoustic guitar to serenade the suns slow setting down into that endless horizon.

Astroid Boys The Welsh capital Cardiff clan are back representing Welsh grime in profuse strength. Recently collaborating with Sonny Double 1 for their track ‘Foreigners’, the amorphous development in the hip-hop/grime culture has been followed from hundreds to thousands, from their early days of rock integration and their present expansion of a larger audience, along with an undeniable signature selection of hard-hitting beats and fluid lyricism from the CF10.

Alex Vargas Soul, synth and pop bleed from this stage-weathered performer like life from the ocean. With a vibrato that sends the speakers into a deep reverberation, Vargas has not only created a seamless sound to suit his huge singing range but has also ingeniously bonded it with the beat, sweat and dynamism of the immortal pop culture to ensure his music’s melodic survival.

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