Introducing... Bare Teeth

France isn't really known as a particular hot bed for punk bands with plenty to say, but this might be the winds of change. Four piece Bare Teeth are looking to emerge on the scene as front-runners for French punk rock, and they might just be successful with it. After releasing a demo that managed to shift more than 250 copies, the quartet recently released debut EP 'First The Town, Then The World' which is currently available on CD, vinyl and all digital formats. We thought it best to give you a little taster of what you'd be getting with Bare Teeth... so here's 'Parted Ways':

When asked what they hope their fans take from the latest EP, the band said: "We don’t really know what to expect. We had some great feedback from our demo and our live shows, so I hope no one will be disappointed.In addition, we really hope we will make some new fans and this record will give us some new opportunities. All we want is to play as much as possible, everywhere in the world. You know,we’ve almost conquered the town, so we know what we have to do next!" With plenty of pace and attitude, it seems like Bare Teeth are about to catapult themselves into array of punk bands which won't be shut up. You might want to keep your eyes on these guys.


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