From Eden To Exile - Modern Disdain | Album Review

Winning the prestigious Metal 2 The Masses competition and then subsequently performing at the world renowned Bloodstock Festival is all well and good, but the true test of the potential a band has comes when there is a full release where bones can be picked apart, and the band can be given he chance to express themselves across a 40 minute platform. Northampton's From Eden To Exile have seemingly taken this opportunity and have used it to drive them to a debut album which is little short of a bull in a china shop. Chaotic. Possessive. Supercharged. Modern Disdain is the very definition of the phrase "It does what it says on the tin" and From Eden To Exile have hit home with an album that tells the story of a band who have their fingers on the pulse, or at least in the middle of a riff, at every corner. There's a beating heart that runs throughout the record, and the extremes that death metal can reach are explored throughout. 'Volatile' and 'What You've Done' are eccentric and hold elements of groove within, while dark, explosive death metal - which is ultimately the remaining theme of the album run most throughout 'Gospel Untold' and 'The Dreamer'. More than just 8 tracks that blur the lines between death metal and thrash though, Modern Disdain remains unpredictable in its flurries of unexpected creativity. Jaw dropping solos, time changes, guitar licks, pinches, they all find a way to jump in and out of the chaos at a moments notice. Resulting in a sound that can be pinned somewhere between Slayer and Chimera. It's beautifully expansive death metal. If From Eden To Exile needed to be given some recording space to see what they're truly capable of, then here - they have set themselves up as an extreme metal band that are going to be held onto with a vice grip. If it's all out carnage you want - From Eden To Exile are about to tear your livelihood apart. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/fromedentoexile Twitter: @FROMEDENTOEXILE Review by Kristian Pugh