Introducing... The Barnum Meserve

A three piece band without guitars? That still works? The idea itself seems confusing and quite the mountainous task, but Nottingham's The Barnum Meserve are the culmination of risk taking music that remains energetic and pushes boundaries whenever possible. Formed in 2007 by Leon Wiley and Dylan Griffiths and later adding drummer Paul Moss, the trio have had a decade of finding and improving themselves, working tirelessly to write two EP's and release their debut album back in 2015. They're a trio who refuse to stand still. Instead of opting for a pounding alternative sound, The Barnum Meserve instead achieve a cinematic aspect with their flair and style of song-writing - achieving a sense of emotion that may not be expected from this style of songwriting but is no less poignant. With new album When All Is Lost the trio have seen their ideas of expansion and progression come to the limelight - with an album that is as distinctive as it is expansive, falling somewhere in between Nine Inch Nails and Clint Marsell. The Barnum Meserve look like a band that will continue to innovate and create something genuinely different. Check out 'Downpour' from The Barnum Merserve's latest album 'When All Is Lost' exclusively below:

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