Like Pacific - Interview with Jordan Black

Like Pacific: Photo Credit - Connor Feimster Punk band Like Pacific are known for their transformation of raw emotion into their pacing music. We managed to catch a few words with Jordan Black after their absolute stormer of a set at Slam Dunk Midlands. Cait: How was your set earlier on today? Jordan: Amazing! So sick. We had such a huge crowd it was literally insane C: A great turn out for the first band of the day! J: For sure, I’m still amazed C: So are you excited to catch anybody this weekend? J: My friends in Seaway, Boston Manor, Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes. They’re all my friends, Homebound also will be sick. It’s a huge friend party right now. C: So Distant Like You Asked came out a little over a year ago now, how’s it gone down with your fans? You’ve been touring it for a while now J: It’s going really well, so much better than we expected. It’s our first full length so you can expect a lot, but at the same time you can’t because if you’re let down in any way it’ll suck. We’re happy with what we did and it turned out really well for us. We’re recording a new record this summer actually. C: Tell me more! J: I can’t say much, but we should be done by the end of the summer, I can’t say when it’s being released but we have a lot of touring over the summer so that’s going to be great.

C: We caught you back in 2016 with Roam; that was a show and a half, even though it was the first show of tour and the crowd was smaller than anticipated J: Honestly, for me, I don’t really care because I’m in a different country right now which is all I could ask for. I guess a small crowd could be disturbing for a lot of people but honestly it doesn’t faze me. C: Obviously it’s a long trek to the UK from Canada, which spots do you enjoy visiting whilst in the UK, what foods do you like whilst here? J: For food, we really really like Greggs. Their sausage rolls are incredible. We also love Weatherspoons. We have a similar chain back in Canada but Spoons is just better and cheaper. C: Fiver for a burger and a pint! J: It makes no sense to me, in Canada that would be the equivalent of fifteen pounds. But Greggs, their sausage rolls and chicken katsu bakes are just, LET’S GO. But in terms of playing, we love playing London when we tour, the crowd always comes out. C: So how do these UK shows compare to hometown shows in Canada and US shows? J: The US is so close to us so we tour there a lot, but when you come to the UK its so heightened, everyone cares so much more. People will see you one time, and then the next time you come back its 10 times better because these people have taken the time to listen to your music, it’s incredible. People just really care, not saying the US or Canada doesn’t, but it’s a different demographic. It’s a culture shock here too, like at home there isn’t a lot of stage dives, whereas in the UK there’s so much crowd surfing, it’s crazy. C: Most alt venues in the UK are fairly small too, so I bet those shows are super sweaty. How’s the UK run with Trophy Eyes going? J: Really really good. They’re selling out these small clubs so every show is super sweaty but incredible, so intimate. C: Which has been the best show so far? J: London for sure, even though Glasgow was sick, but London always brings it home. C: The home base of shows. When you toured with Roam last year, was there a highlight of that run? J: Honestly just being in the UK, it’s not super huge so playing a lot of cities at once is super cool, It means we can explore all these cool cities, I got to experience so much in those two weeks, so the highlight was really just going to cities I’ve dreamt of going for a long time. And the drives here are so short, like three hours as opposed to twelve hours in the US. C: Do you guys have anything planned aside from the album? J: We’re recording with our friend Derek in Toronto which is cool, he did Seaway’s album. So yeah, that’s all summer, then I can’t say where but more touring to end the year. C: UK perhaps? J: I can’t say, but you probably know what that means. But yeah a lot of touring and releasing the record!

Photo Credit: Front Row Productions