Seaway - Interview with Ryan Locke & Andrew Eichinger

Seaway - Photo Credit: Unknown Pop punk band Seaway are doing a phenomenal job of spreading their brand of charming rhythms across the globe with phenomenal success. We caught up with members Ryan Locke & Andrew Eichinger to find out the things you really want to know. Cait: Hey guys how are you? Ryan: We’re great thanks, how are you? C: I’m good! Looking forward to seeing anyone today? R: We have a lot of our friends playing this year, so it’s always cool to see them, like Boston Manor, Trophy Eyes, Like Pacific… they’re all great. C: Yeah there’s so many great pop punk bands on the bill this year! With these UK shows and festivals, how do they differ from your shows back home and in the US? Andrew: Well SD is very similar to Warped Tour R: I like it better A: It’s everything good from warped tour, without the long two month haul, and UK shows always seem to be a little crazier. C: Really? That’s good to know! I would assume that the US and Canada would have bigger and better shows R: In general, as a country the UK is amazing every time we come over. C: So what do you enjoy about SD that Warped doesn’t have? R: I like how SD is often in the middle of the city, particularly Leeds, so you can just wander round, which is pretty cool, whereas warped is usually in a parking lot or a big amphitheatre. C: I’d love to go, but I can see why bands can go from hyped to exhausted A: It’s still really fun, but essentially a two month hangover. R: In terms of playing, I always like how there’s always one big hangout area at slam dunk, warped is essentially hanging out on buses every day. C: Since the album came out a few years ago, or even in the last year, has there been any standout moments for you as a band?

A: Definitely our London show when we were on tour in February R: Yeah, that was my favourite show we’ve ever played. We also played a holiday show just before Christmas in Toronto, and it was the biggest headline show we’ve done in Canada. It was cool because all our family got to come out, which was great. C: So, your album Colour Blind has been out for a while now, what’s the reception been like all over the world? R: It’s done really well, the UK especially has really taken to it. It’s cool when you play new material and there’s already kids singing along to those songs more so than the older songs. A: Yeah, the reception has been amazing since its release. C: Obviously Canada to the UK is a huge trek for you guys; when you’re here are there any cities you like to hang out in the most? And what restaurants do you guys like when you’re here? R: We go to Weatherspoons like every morning for breakfast. A: Yeah Weatherspoons is great, but when we’re here we like cities like Manchester and Leeds, the north in general I guess. C: The North brings it for sure, I feel Leeds is such a creative city. But shows in London always kill it. A: For sure, we love being in London too and the shows are always the best of the tour. R: We also like doing Sunday carvery when we’re here, we’re very into that. C: Lastly, as we said it’s been a while since Colour Blind was released, have you guys got anything in the pipeline? I know you’ve been recording some new material recently R: We just finished recording our album last week, so that’ll hopefully come out early September. C: Are you excited? How’s the writing process been? R: It’s gone really well, I actually think it’s amazing, and we’re stoked for it to be released. C: I can’t wait, thanks for chatting!

Seaway - Photo Credit: Taylorrambo


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