Ones to watch at 2000 Trees!

With summer imminent, it means the 2017 Festival season is fast approaching. It's time to start highlighting clash-finders and get ready to see some of music’s greatest talents at festivals all over the country. It is hard to pick a festival with an atmosphere as strong as 2000 Trees Festival, which also has some of the best music to be offered in the UK. If you are struggling for artists to see, here are some staff suggestions from Noizze's Jay Kirk that should help you out.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

If by some chance you haven't seen these guys or heard of them yet, then your life has been missing something crucial. Frank and his band gang of Rattlesnakes have taken the UK by storm and tore it to pieces since their 2015 debut album, Blossom. With multiple sellout tours and live shows that somehow get better every time you'd be stupid to miss them. Aside from crushing the main stage with moshpits and crowd-surfers, they're also featured in the Forest Sessions with an acoustic set which is more likely to pull heart strings than muscles.


Since Slaves’ 2012 debut EP Sugar Coated Bitter Truth, the duo have been climbing festival bills such as Reading and Leeds, and progressing through the venues of the UK. They have returned each time with an energetic and thoroughly enjoyable set. God only knows what's in store for their co-headline slot at the festival, but we know for sure that it's gonna be mental!


A band on the heavier end of the 2000 Trees spectrum, fuelled with emotion, passion and undeniably raw talent. Acres' 2017 EP, In Sickness & Health, has thrown them onto the scene and has given testament to the potential these guys hold. After touring with the likes of Burning Down Alaska, we can only wait in anticipation for an emotional, yet brilliant set from these guys on the Saturday at 2000 Trees!


A hidden Essex gem, Giants are a hardcore band with a fast paced punk vibe, and a growing reputation for an angry, energetic live show. You may not have heard of them before, but be sure to make time to watch these guys crush The Cave on the Saturday. They're definitely a group to be looking out for in the coming years leading the rise of hardcore music!


Travelling from overseas, the Belgian 4 piece are fronted by one of the finest female vocalists in the scene, Caro Tanghe. Since their debut in 2008 the band have tirelessly toured and performed their music and now 2016 masterpiece, Rheia, has taken them to new heights and somehow heavier depths. They're not to miss, and will be showcasing their talent on The Axiom Stage at this years 2000 Trees Festival!

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