A Trust Unclean - Parturition | Album Review

If Parturition is a story of rebirth, then Oxfords A Trust Unclean will find themselves with a new lease on life that could see them playing a huge part in the progression of the death metal scene for an enormous time to come. With the additions of new drummer Noah Plant and vocalist Kyle Lamb. The new record is a death metal staple, an example of what the genre can still offer - despite some believing that the scene has watched its glory days pass by. Not simply relying on rhythm guitars and high octane drum fills to get the reverberating heavy sound over - Parturition explores short but sweet elements of piano and instrumental, however these are frankensteined together with the pre discovered butchering tones of the record in a way that actually makes the mini-album feel heavier as a result. While heavier doesn't always mean better in a musical sense, for a majority of the record - it does. The switch flips between groove metal and deathcore on 'Dominion Over Bone' and 'To Encompass And Eclipse' are a metal decapitation - phenomenally paced and structured, and as sharp as a hacksaw. Musically; the record remains at a dazzlingly high level throughout. With guitarists Stevent Hunt and Mikey Gee putting in an almost audaciously strong performance. It's not always a given that a range of riff styles will make their way into a death metal record - but a fair few find their way into Parturition, and the creativity of Hunt and Gee can rarely be questioned. 'Repurposed' in particular is home to some mind boggling guitar lines and slides, so much so that A Trust Unclean are a band that could actually appeal to anyone with a keen ear for highly technical musicianship. Not just rib cage shattering death metal. Perhaps the best way to sum up the size of the future A Trust Unclean seem to be heading towards, is to consider that we are yet to hear a full LP release from them, and yet - there's a true cohesion and identity on show already. As heavy, as bludgeoning, and as creative as you could ask for from a band of their age - Parturition is a mini album full of steam and bite, and death metal looks like it's got another set of stars on its hands. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/atrustunclean Twitter: @A_Trust_Unclean Review by Kristian Pugh


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