Beartooth - Interview with Taylor Lumley

Beartooth - Photo Credit: Unknown With two albums now notched under their belts; Beartooth are becoming a band with real experience, after several rigorous touring cycles and generally being in high demand wherever they go. We managed to catch a few minutes with Taylor Lumley before the madness of Slam Dunk Birmingham.

Kate. Hey guys welcome back to the UK. It’s your first time back at Slam Dunk Festival since 2015- how are you feeling about playing a much bigger venue and stage today?

Taylor. It seems to be going pretty well, I’m really excited, I really really enjoyed last time we played Slam Dunk. I was actually telling Bobby, our tour manager that this is one of my favourite festivals.

K. You’re on the mainstage this year, last time you played Slam Dunk Midlands, it was Wolverhampton on a smaller stage, how does it feel to be going up in the ranks?

T. It feels pretty wild, there’s a lot of pretty cool bands on the stage and it’s cool to be in their company. I mean before we were playing and it was us, then (While She) Sleeps and a bunch of other bands that we’re good friends with but now it’s like we’re kicking it up another notch!

K. You’re playing on a pretty stacked line-up, are there any bands you’ll be hoping to catch over the weekend?

T. Oh yeah, we’ve got a schedule printed out and pinned up in the bus of who we want to see over the weekend so Seaway, Stray From The Path, Bury Tomorrow and man I can’t think of who else, I really want to see Frank Iero.

K. So the heavier stuff then?

T. Yeah but I really wanna see Against Me! they’re one of my favourite bands of all time.

K. A lot has happened for the band between Slam Dunk 2015 and Slam Dunk 2017 with the band going from strength to strength. What would you say is your biggest achievement within this space of time and why?

Beartooth - Slam Dunk Hatfield. Photo Credit: Ben Bentley

T. We played our first stadium show a week ago in our home town Columbus which was pretty cool, that was Rock On The Range. Headlining Shepherds Bush was pretty incredible too and we successfully filmed a live DVD to put out after a four failed attempts.

K. You’ve got a pretty hectic summer with a few dates in Europe and then a huge stint in the USA, including the almighty Warped Tour. How do you find that UK shows compare with those over in the US?

T. I love it, it’s legitimately my favourite tour there is, a lot of people complain about Warped Tour like “oh it’s hot, oh it’s whatever” but for us whenever we get an offer we jump at it straight away, all our friends are on it and it’s our favourite.

K. How do you find the UK festival shows compare to the US?

T. People in the UK sing louder but people in the US mosh harder, for sure!

K. Although at Wolverhampton there was a guy stood on the lighting rig for your set at one point.

T. I remember that, I mean the crowds are definitely crazy but it’s pretty close. Although the craziest shows we’ve ever played were in Japan, the Japanese kids mosh harder than anyone I’ve ever seen and they know all the words straight up. It was the first time we’d ever gone out there and they were the craziest shows we played.

K. You guys have an upcoming live DVD due to be released with the Deluxe version of Aggressive. How did it feel to record this in your hometown? Is it somewhat strange knowing your whole set is being filmed?

T. It was kind of weird, I mean it was just like a playing a normal show with a normal setup then you look over and there’s just cameras floating everywhere and a huge crane filming over the crowd with a camera on it. So for me the whole time I was just like “woah I hope these cameras don’t mess up”. It was pretty cool to have the fun of that new experience though!

K. Do you feel like there was more pressure on you as a band?

T. Not really, for us we don’t really care, we just go out and do our own thing.

K. What does the future hold for Beartooth and what is your next milestone?

T. I don’t really know, that’s a tough one. We’ve already hit a lot of milestones and we’re pretty content at this point. I feel like if we get to tour with Metallica, that’s my next milestone! That’s really the only thing. We’ve gotten to tour with Underoath, Every Time I Die, we got to tour with all our favourite bands, so all that’s left is metallica, we’ve done everything after that so we’ll probably just quit haha!

K. In light of what happened in Manchester on Monday, the music scene came together in solidarity over the attacks. What are your thoughts on these attacks and how do you think they will impact bands?

T. It’s definitely pretty upsetting and very disheartening but at the same time to see how everyone came together inspite of that is really encouraging. A similar thing happened when we were in Europe with Bring Me The Horizon, the Paris attacks in the Bataclan. There was a lot of discussions amongst us in the band and it’s like it’s echoing from a year and a half ago, we were in Germany when it happened in Paris and all the shows after that were very crazy and tight knit, I remember being sat in the back of a venue in Norway watching it on the news as it happened. It’s been insane to hear about it happening again but seeing everyone’s response to it happening has an amazing part of it and the most important part. It’s like nobody is going to stop us from being ourselves.

K. So, last question: we know you’re a fan of the Simpsons; What’s your favourite simpsons episode of all time?

T. Okay so, I’m obsessed with the Simpsons, right now my guitar picks are actually all Homer Simpson. My favourite episode is You Only Move Twice with Hank Scorpio, me and the tour manager quote that episode ALL the time. Definitely in the top 5.

Beartooth Slam Dunk Hatfield. Photo Credit: Ben Bentley


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