Boston Manor - Interview with Ash Wilson

Boston Manor - Photo Credit: Unkown

Blackpool heart swellers Boston Manor have been notching up quite the reputation in their short 4 year stint as a band so far, with this year being their second consecutive appearance at Slam Dunk Festival we caught up with Ash Wilson to see how it's been in the band... and where it's going. Cait: Hey how’s it going!

Ash: Great thanks, looking forward to today

C: Looking forward to seeing anybody this weekend?

A: Well, I’m definitely going to watch Seaway, Beartooth as well. I’ve never seen Beartooth before but I think they’re such a good band! Probably go catch Neck Deep later on too, maybe after half of Shikari.

C: That’s a hard one for sure, there’s so many good headliners this year

A: For sure, and they’re all on at the same time as well, which is difficult, but like every year there’s so many great bands that we can catch whoever and it won’t disappoint. C: So you’ve just finished up a mini tour with Casey, how was that? Because stylistically, you’re very different bands? A: It’s been good, and also really interesting because like you say, we’re not really on the same spectrum, but we really like that band, and we know a lot of people like them and suggested we tour together, so we thought sure let’s give that a go! 4/5 shows were sold out, which was great, and they were also probably the sweatiest shows we’ve ever done. We were asked if we wanted to upgrade from some of the 100 cap venues, but nah we wanted to keep it intimate. C: Your album Be Nothing came out last year, what has the general reception been like from the fans? A: It’s pretty much been 100% positive, I can’t think of anyone saying a bad word, which is remarkable because we didn’t know what to expect, but yeah we’re really happy with it knowing that the fans are pleased with it. We’re really proud of the record, a lot of hard work went into it, so it’s nice to see that be reciprocated. C: Do you have a favourite song from it? A: I really like Broken Glass, I like it because compared to the rest of the songs, it’s the polar opposite, and it’s a completely different dynamic which I find really interesting. If I had to pick, it’d be that song.

C: Last year you played SD as well, on the Fresh Blood Stage, have you noticed the momentum building in terms of your popularity in the scene, as you’re playing a much bigger stage this year? A: We’ve definitely noticed some progression, which we’re very grateful for. Like I said, we just work our arses off all the time, so it’s nice to see it pay off. C: It’s not just in the UK either, you played Grozerock last month, and are set to play Reading and Leeds this summer. How does it feel playing to, or knowing you’re going to play to bigger crowds? A: Grozerock was a weird one actually. Every time we go to Europe, we have no idea how it’s going to go. We did a headline European run around Germany, France and Belgium, but we just couldn’t, and still can’t tell how they’re going to go. On the day for Grozerock we were setting up, but we were on the same time as a big band, so we assumed nobody would really be turning up. But we got out on stage, and there was like 700 people there going mental, with dust flying everywhere. It’s just really nice to see, such a nice surprise considering we didn’t expect anything. As well as that, Europeans really like metal, but obviously we don’t sit in that market, but we tried our best, and it went really well. C: So, lastly, what’s in the pipeline? New material coming or some tour dates? A: I don’t know what I can tell you, but we basically have a whole year of touring ahead of us, with warped tour all summer, then Leeds and Reading. Maybe a couple of bits at the end of the year too, but like I say, can’t give too much away. We’ve realised we don’t have much time to do any writing, so when we got back from the Moose Blood tour last month, we basically wrote as much as we could. So we have a few demos, which we’re going to work on whilst were on the road. It should be pretty doable, but we’re really happy with what we have so far, but no plans to release them any time soon. C: Be Nothing is still pretty fresh for a lot of fans A: Yeah exactly, we just want to strike whilst the irons hot, keep the ball rolling. It’ll be interesting to see how album 2 turns out, I’m really excited for it I can’t wait!

Boston Manor - Photo Credit: Unkown