SikTh - The Future In Whose Eyes? | Album Review

SikTh have returned. The Watford sextet, whose legacy helped bolster the progressive metal genre immeasurably, and even allegedly forged the infamous djent metal style, make a riveting comeback after a brief hiatus with their latest album release, The Future In Whose Eyes?

As the title would appropriately suggest, this album is abundant with the band’s signature expressive lyricism, which when paired with their arguably unconventional vocal nuances is not dissimilar to the likes of System Of A Down, also notably merged with a hint of KoRn for good measure. The album throughout is a shining example of the band’s beautifully intricate and impassioned song-writing, a staple of progressive metal, clearly showcasing matters close to the heart that ultimately help to provide the unbreakable driving force for the rest of the record. Consequently, we are presented with an album that is breathtakingly fast-paced and furiously unrelenting in nature.

Without hesitation, SikTh sweeps you off your feet as you are sent hurtling on through a frenzy of gloriously elaborate guitar work, the sheer complexity of such doubtlessly doing justice to the energetic mathcore genre with which the band is commonly associated. The bass guitar, wielded by James Leach, is especially mesmerizing and prominent throughout, acting as quite the focal point that certainly enraptures. Combined with the emotive dual vocal talents of Mikee Goodman and Joe Rosser, this spellbindingly tortuous album is almost overwhelming, however the intermittent lapses into spoken word like we see with track 4, ‘This Ship Has Sailed’, provide much welcome respite. This wonderful infusion of poetic interludes, though somewhat sinister, adds further appeal to an already quite thought-provoking piece, whilst also giving the audience the necessary time to mentally prepare for SikTh’s next onslaught. The slower, more toned-down culmination of the album, in this light, works incredibly well to diffuse the rest of the work and is the perfect epilogue to SikTh’s admirable tenacity, allowing the audience to safely unwind and reflect after such overstimulation.

All in all, The Future In Whose Eyes? is a phenomenal record. It is an incredibly strong and positively mind-bending composition that will surely delight both old fans and new. SikTh’s ceaseless momentum, picking up effortlessly after every recess, speaks wonders of the group’s unyielding vitality, and leaves us with a stubbornly robust album that refuses to show any sign of weakness. SikTh may well have left the scene in 2008 with a tremendous legacy in their wake, however this sensational comeback shows how that legacy is ready to not only be defended but enhanced exponentially. I vastly look forward to what may come in the future now that SikTh breathes life into progressive metal once again. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/sikthofficial Twitter: @SikthOfficial Review by Eddie Dewey


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