Casey - An Interview with Max Nicolai

We used Slam Dunk Festival to chat to as many of our favourite bands as possible. Included in that were the amazingly talented Casey. Kate sat down with Max Nicolai to find out more about the band... Kate: So, your first Slam Dunk is in the bag, how was it for you guys?

Max: It’s been really good, really happy with it, it’s been a great show! Plenty of people came to see us, it’s early in the day as well y’know so we didn’t expect a lot of people to come down.

K: You’ve come to play Slam Dunk straight off of a pretty varied touring schedule. How have the shows been with Boston Manor?

M: Tour has been great, as you said they’re a really different band from us. I think we share a lot of mutual fans, we had been chatting on twitter a lot and just generally building bridges with each other. I think we always knew there was going to be a tour at some point, it was just a matter of when.

K: How did they compare with mainland Europe where you were playing with the likes of Thy Art is Murder?

M: It’s a totally different tour, totally different. Europe were some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played as a band. Some of those shows were like Impericon festival and it was just insane. I think this tour was more, I know it’s a bit cliche, like our roots. All small venues and small rooms.

K: It is evident that your lyrical and musical writing style is very eloquent and extremely raw, playing on some very powerful emotions. What inspires your writing style?

M: We’re all into a lot of old emo music, most of our favourite bands are sort of quite raw sounding bands like Mewithoutyou, Pianos Become The Teeth and Touche Amore, that . I think lyrically Tom just writes purely whatever he wants to say, what he thinks. I guess that’s why the lyrics all come across quite blunt but I mean people seem to love it.

K:You’ve stated in other recent interviews that you’re planning your new material and beginning the writing process again, do you feel that this will be approached differently at all?

M: I think situationally, when we sit down with to create another album it’ll be a different anyway. This album had a tight time-scale for writing and recording. It was just like we got to get an album together if we want to do what we want to do. I’m not saying this one was rushed but for the next we’re going to put a lot more time into and think about it more, go at our own pace. I mean I love the album we created, we all love it and love how it was received but obviously anything you put out a year later you look back and think “I want to do this better, this better, fix this”.

K: Being from Wales, the rock scene in the late 2000’s was flourishing full of notable bands like The Blackout, Kids in Glass Houses and Funeral For a Friend. These bands obviously have now departed the music scene, as a Welsh band, do you feel like you’re flying the flag for a ‘new breed’ of Welsh musicians?

M: I’d like to think so, it’s really hard to say from an insider perspective, it’s hard to know exactly how your bands perceived when you’re in the band. Obviously you’ve got your own thoughts on how you want to be received, it’s all a bit weird. It’ll be really cool if we get further and further up and become a rather well known band.

K: In light of what happened in Manchester on Monday, as musicians, what are your thoughts on the events?

M: I can’t think of it any other way other than a human way. It’s just fucking heartbreaking y’know? The fact that it’s happening all across the world, not just here, like Syria...horrible things. There has been a bombing in Egypt that I just heard about. You’ve just gotta keep going and you can’t let it stop you doing what you love doing. You shouldn’t be living in fear when seeing your favourite artist… you can’t control what’s happening anyway so just do you. They’re trying to shit us up- you can’t let fear win.

K: Any plans for the rest of 2017 you can tell us about for Casey?

M: We’ve got a lot of plans…