Harbinger: 'Human Dust'

The latest efforts from UK’s own Harbinger, is an EP entitled Human Dust. A piece of Tech Metal to shout out or get lost in the vast seas of Metal. Harbinger are a one of those bands you slow nod your head to in brutality. Despite their youth as a band they’re found amongst an ever-growing underground.

Human Dust shows off their sense of energy and relentless bludgeoning. Throwing in a varied approach to vocal work that remains deep and dark. If you let the songs hit, they’ll hit you with a thud. However, they take too long to get there. What fits well amongst the underground fits well in the background. The songs get better with time and start to share an excitement as guitars and drums slowly take you by sheer force. In fact there is a lot there for an argument to be made for the band – drums especially.

‘Humanity’s Limit’ and the title track, ‘Human Dust’ are songs to look out for, bringing the EP into the realms of the powerful. All the while there’s an atmosphere to it, picked up mostly by the clean vocals that are closer to a chant than distinguishable vocals. ‘Captive/Hated’ really shows the bands tendency for melody to be brought back in full.

Harbinger are certainly a band that you can hear they’ve a lot of energy live and it’d be something to see. On this EP, Human Dust, it runs the risk of being just one of Harbinger’s stepping stones. A powerful shake and then it’s gone.

Score: 6/10

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