Animal House - Hot Bodies | EP Review

With their successful EP, Sorry, having only launched last year, Brighton garage pop rock outfit Animal House (8) are back in the limelight, with their new release Hot Bodies due for release this month.

With their trademark playful sound, first single 'Coca Cola' captures their incessantly catchy vibe within the first few moments. The track oozes vibrance, with their light and bouncy beats carrying us through, as well as some incredibly infectious hooks. Frontman Will McConchie’s growl perfectly pairs with their soft yet quirky sound, making this single the perfect summer hit.

Second single 'Hot Bodies' emits a noticeable 50’s aura from the off, with a classic rock and roll riff utilised throughout the track. This single ups the pace of the overall EP, strengthening the variation of the release and representing their experience. Despite sporting a 50’s influence, the track sounds surprisingly fresh and tight, again adding to the summer feel of this release.

'Friend' takes the third spot on this release, with an infectiously smooth bass line opening the track. Despite lowering the tone, McConchie’s charismatic vocal sends this track from good to great, with charisma oozing through the vocals. This track takes a Circa Waves approach; upbeat and infectious, yet incredibly simple.

Final track 'Heaven' sports a Beatles-like influence, with vocals yet again stealing the show. An extremely funky vibe is more so apparent with this hit, which paired with an impressive guitar solo pushes this single to the top spot of the EP. The track differs from the previous singles, with it’s strong 60’s style connotations flooding the sound, which works perfectly for these guys.

This release certainly spouts cheekiness, whether it be from McConchie’s tongue in cheek lyrics, or the vibrant riffs and hooks presented throughout the release. Their upbeat summer vibe shines through each single; these guys are clear competitors in the British indie scene, injecting life back into a seemingly quiet crowd. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/animalhouseband Twitter: @animalhousing


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