Arcadian Heart: Self titled EP Review

The beauty of being a website that is now in it's third year as a publication means you see the rise and fall of underground bands and music. It is always a shame when a band announces they are calling it a day but it is also amazing to find bands still kicking it or returning too. Arcadian Heart are an example of this. Back when Noizze was a "blog" we checked out Arcadian Heart and their awfully produced debut EP. Now the band are back with a self-titled effort. After a complete line-up change leaving James Biss as the only original member of the band how has this affected their sound?

The change is instantly noticeable on opener "Elephants" with the production value paying off here. Raw guitars chime through as James Biss sings through with low tones reminiscent of Nirvana esque grunge era music. "Frozen Blood" features vocal harmonies and a slightly more mellow tone that shows diversity whilst "Where Are We Now" features an almost new-era emo rock style chorus that breathes passion and melancholy. "Breaking Bones" feels like the most well-rounded track. If someone asked what Arcadian Heart sound like you would show them this song. A catchy Rock & Roll riff paves a path for a soaring chorus that feels like the biggest leap for the band so far.

There is thought behind these songs and the production quality really makes a big difference in recognizing lyrical content and sharper guitar tones. This EP shows a fire in this new chapter for Arcadian Heart. With another EP on the way that will be honing the bands sound further Arcadian Heart are a band you may be hearing of soon too!


FFO: Foo Fighters, You Me At Six, Muse

Check out the EP below:


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