Rise Against - Wolves | Album Review

If anything, Rise Against have been a beacon of consistency in their time as a band. A blast charge of rock which has filtered into the masses for the better nearing two decades. Never really dong much to change or divert their musical style, but equally never needing to. The Chicago powerhouse have driven their names onto the wall of rock music with a plaque of importance, one is yet to start fading. Eighth studio album Wolves sees the rockers stick to their punky, rock filled vibes with high levels of success in some areas, and slight tinges of a repetitive fashion which doesn't manage to strike with as much power as it did 6/7 years ago. 'Far From Perfect' is the kind of heart ridden, chorus lead track that could fit on most Rise Against albums, and shows a band still capable of crafting songs which transcend age and genre. Simplistic in its delivery yet huge in its feeling. This is the Rise Against we all want. The rest of Wolves does seem to lack a little in terms of genuine thick star power. Pace and oomph remain consistent throughout the record with tracks like 'The Violence' and 'Welcome To The Breakdown' adding a flurry of loose sensibility - but nothing jumps out as overtly creative, and no new ground gets trodden. Fans of Rise Against's abrasive lyricism and style will certainly find a home throughout the record, known for being a band that will often stand up for their beliefs - tracks such as 'Politics Of Love' continue to further their push to stand up for what you want them to. Wolves is a competent rock record that doesn't do anything to damage the incredibly strong reputation that Rise Against have built up in their tenure as a band, neither does it take it to heights that the quartet have not already been to. There's still space for Rise Against to exist and be part of the consistent old guard in rock music, but it has become clear that their best has passed. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/riseagainst Twitter: @riseagainst Review by Kristian Pugh


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