Entrails: 'World Inferno' - Album Review

Every once in a while a Death Metal band comes around that is on point and gets the genre in all its gory glory. A lot of bands just veer off the mark, quite often into good sub-genres, but other times never quite getting the sheer brutality of raw Death Metal. There’s an intense bludgeoning that comes with a good Death Metal band as the deep roars and thundering guitars just tear you a new ear-hole. One such band is Entrails.

Their new album, World Inferno, feels like the world ablaze. They have a thunderous sound that has that core sense of Death Metal as a severed heart on their sleeves. Powerful dark buzzes of guitar work that are brutal and at times melodic and recall the kind of sounds that Bloodbath are after. Though the deep snarling approach to traditional Death Metal grunts always keeps the bands songs thinking of the vocals as forefront; it is the guitars that smash out the memorable moments of the band. The melody of ‘Insane Slaughter’ or the title track: ‘World Inferno’, are subtle but important to note.

If not thinking of the melodic moments then there is just that thundering gallop that bludgeons in songs like ‘Comdemned to the Grave’, ‘The Soul Collector’ and ‘The Hour of the Casket’. Though they run the risk of being a bit too similar at times, they are none the less a force to be reckoned with on the album. Death Metal’s brutality isn’t always felt by Death Metal bands but generally Entrails takes a firm hold of this and gives some punishing guitar riffs to anyone who listens to it. The similarity of some songs to each other isn’t a huge weakness but begs that listeners perhaps try songs twice to work out the subtleties of blunt force trauma.

All in all, and with albums like World Inferno, Entrails are making an argument for pure bleeding Death Metal and making carnage for themselves as a band to be heard. It’s genuinely a shame when a band like this is discovered as they should be heard a little more at least within the brutality of the Death Metal circle.

Score: 8/10

Facebook: /entrails666