Freakangel: 'How the Ghost Became' - Album Review

I find that Industrial Metal tends to fall in to two categories. Whereas Metal can have a lot of strength or aggression to it, industrial can be experimental and has almost a bouncy quality to it. So Industrial Metal either favours the strong aggressive powers or falls into the club dance beat. Neither is better than the other but you tend to find that they feel one or the other.

Freakangel have the strength of Metal but definitely fall into that Industrial Metal Club that you’d pick up the dance to. They have strong beats and offer a good chance to move with the music in your best industrial gear. How the Ghost Became is an album that begs a listen. The album takes a while to get into but showcases some great tracks like ‘In the Witch House’ and ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ that really can get under your skin. The albums very suitable for a dark atmosphere and for colour lights to flash out patterns at you and to really get you moving. It’s energetic throughout but as I said, the album takes a moment before it picks up the catchier songs. Despite the aggressive vocals the synth elements are what bring home each songs and it’s the steady stomping of guitars that marks the beat and really empowers the songs. Other than songs already mentioned, you can see these qualities within songs like ‘Death Walks With Us’ – which has a sexy beat.

This album sits firmly within the Industrial scene. It may take its time but some of the finer songs make it worth it. It will always amaze me how Industrial Metal will make you move or be an aggressive powerhouse but this is far from a problem. Freakangel showcase some of the best of Industrial Metal movement and though the power isn’t the focus it certainly hits home in a lovely dark industrial atmosphere.


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