Introducing... Hightower

Hightower are a punk rock five-piece from from Paris, France. The band's debut album Sure. Fine. Whatever. was released in 2014 and was recorded by Steve Evetts (Real Friends, Sick Of It All, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite). The band recently released their music video for new song 'The Party' which is taken from the upcoming album CLUB DRAGON due for release September, 2017. Interesting fact about the music video for 'The Party'... The music video was shot in two different places: the live scenes in Paris and the narrative scenes of "the girl" in Budapest! The story behind the song, you ask? "The song is mainly about people who get really excited about something, but who give up when difficulties show up. It's frustrating when you think you're on the same wavelength as somebody but you realize he's not ready to commit the way you do." And the accompanying video? "The music video is a metaphor of this idea, the girl is aroused more and more by the food as she keeps walking in new rooms, but in the end, she struggles to get what she really wanted first."

Check out the music video for 'The Party' below and get yourself excited about that upcoming album!