Ruby Muse: 'Just Like You' EP Review

Ruby Muse are a singer-songwriting duo, comprised of Jools and Malcolm Heyes. They base themselves in blues and rock genres, with a hint of Americana. Their music has aired internationally on radio, TV, and film, and has been used in award-winning TV shows, such as Banshee and Ravenswood.

Just three songs long, their new EP features tracks from their next full studio album - it’s a small taste of what is to come - a taste you’ll be craving from the first song. Even the CD itself is appealing with vinyl-style, eco-friendly packaging.

The first song, the titular track ‘Just Like You’, has a sultry lo-fi rock sound. It is lofty and smooth and has wonderfully poetic lyrics. The guitar adds an element of alt-country sounds to the song, while the piano in the background gives it a more modern indie sound. The song would be perfect to soothe you after a particularly rainy day (literally and metaphorically).

The second song has a clear blues-rock style with the background guitar riff. Jools Heyes’ voice seems to fit this song perfectly. Her voice is sultry and smooth. The song’s bluesy sound is understated and it has a enticing building rhythm. The song is about the quiet people who make our world shine - those ‘unsung’ heroes.

The last track (I’m so sad that there’s only three!) is a beautiful plucked love song. With an airy sound, the song harkens to the need for inspiration to keep going on. The lyrics are beautiful and poetic and the sound is rich with bluesy vocals and and a simple recurring guitar riff. The shimmer of the tambourine in the background adds a strange sense of recognition to the feelings expressed.

The short EP is deliciously beautiful and emotive - I only wish there was more. They are distinctive and addictive, with an indie sound that is so hard to pin down. It borrows aspects of so many different genres, while keeping to it’s own individuality. The word ‘sultry’ is the best way to describe it. Their sound really reminds me of a favourite artist of mine, Sam Philips - and that is high praise!

I cannot wait to hear the full length album!

Rating: 9/10