Man With A Mission: 'Dead End In Tokyo' EP (European Edition) Review

Rock, Punk, Pop and Dance all mixed into one? Yes you read that right, meet Man With a Mission (MWAM) and their infectious sound. Now obviously the band are a Japanese rock band or this crazy combo would simply not have been invented. The band release the European edition of their EP Dead End In Tokyo tomorrow and you should definitely have yourself a listen. The band have had a lot of success already. a song co-written with the frontman of Fall Out Boy, music on TV adverts and songs featuring on popular anime series too.

The bands first global single "Dead End In Tokyo" was released in January and was co-written and produced by Patrick Stump. After learning this fact it is easier to understand the reason why it is so damn catchy! Tonnes of hooks and awesome vocal melodies weave in and out of the verses whilst the chorus will have you chanting along relentlessly.

"Hey Now" chimes in as a house style club banger and then the drums kick in to provide confusion. The opening verse sounds VERY similar to Underworld's "Born Slippy" though the chorus transports you to an entirely different world shaping into a new song completely. "Brave It Out" is a smooth listen that combines a rap style verse with an anthemic chorus yet again whilst "Raise Your Flag" has a bit more a punk/metal/synmphonic vibe with more synths finding their way into the mix. It is definitely an impressive feat when you can draw comparisons to Babymetal, Apocalyptica and Fall Out Boy all in one song!

"Seven Deadly Sins" is probably the most simple song on the EP with a prominent rock style to it. A belter of a chorus much like you would expect from 30 Seconds To Mars and rounded off beautifully with some soaring lead guitar and electronica thrown in too this is definitely a highlight. "Dog Days" is the song that has featured on an advert for non-alcoholic bear. Whatever your opinion on that don't let it sway you as this track another rock anthem in the bag for MWAM. The EP also has three live tracks following this all of which were recorded from 'The World's On Fire' Tour. If nothing else, the crowd on this tour sound f*&king stoked to be there and it is quite a nice touch to show how much of a wave MWAM are riding in terms of success and popularity. The success for Man With A Mission lies in their ability to write a catchy chorus and there is definitely a trend here. The diversity in songs is almost mind-boggling and at times a little too much. Despite this, there is a coherent sound and an obvious fire within the bellies of these dudes. Man With A Mission are here to make themselves heard... That will definitely happen for them.



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