Float Here Forever: 'Inexhaustible' EP Review

Alternative rock three-piece Float Here Forever are on today's chopping block with their latest EP Inexhaustible. Hailing from Metro Detroit Michigan Darrell Bazian and Nick Marko take their experience and years and have combined them to create the band. The line up is completed by Andrew Murray (No not the tennis player). Let's get into it.

The opener is the titular track which bursts onto the ears with some gritty vocals and impressive upbeat drumming combined. Vocally the track is frequently overshadowed by the guitars, especially when the lead lines kick in, and unfortunately this takes away from the song slightly. "Tranquilize" is a bit of Foo Fighters meets Blink 182 (the drumming!) and is easy to bob the head along too. Again it is slightly let down by its production. "Goliath" contains a bit more meat if you will. The song captures the riffs and that bass really comes through with a little less of a tinny sound. Without any vocals featured at all it is quite a long listen and an interesting track to place halfway through the EP.

"Echolocation" interesting follows directly on from previous track "Goliath" and provides the highlight of the EP in its calmness. A slow melodic song that really comes out of nowhere. In all honesty it sounds like a completely different band! Again the song is without any vocals at all but is definitely a better listen than the previous one. "Cobra Eyes" is some kind of heavier mash up of Deftones style droning (That is a compliment) and Travis Barker going off on one whilst guesting in a drum battle. It is very good and leaves you with a feeling of "Where the hell did that come from?" There is no doubt when listening to this EP that you are listening to three very talented individuals but the mix really lets them down on this underpinning much of their talent. It also feels like Float Here Forever can't decide on their chosen genre as there isn't a coherent theme or feeling throughout that ties the songs together. With two tracks of pure punk rock followed by what sounds like a demo, then a melodic instrumental breather rounded off with a heavy track for goodwill, it all feels like a bit of a mess. There are moments of greatness here but it is a massive shame that is isn't showcased as well as it could be. 5/10


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