Igorrr: 'Savage Sinusoid' - Album Review

Every once in a while Metal seems to produce bands that you just can’t describe or even that is a struggle to recommend because for all their brilliance it’s just off the wall. Sigh, Aborym, Winny Puhh, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Marley and Dir En Grey are but a few mentions…. And Igorrr certainly fall into this category. Igorrr are one of these bands that are hard to review because they’re unique and original in a way that you’re either going to love or hate – but you’ll remember them. Music verging on experience in a way that Metal can experiment with. You just can’t tell what could come next…

Savage Sinusoid, their latest effort just doesn’t hold back. It comprises of some out their twists of music and a random accompaniment of styles. I would say that the music is twisted by modern industrial or dubstep sounds whilst offering the energetic and brutality of extreme Metal and bringing us a classical operatic approach. This is epically atmospheric, harrowing in its approach and digitally on the verge of destroying itself. Nothing but a scream starts the album off and this is overtaken by more of the most original vocals since bands like Anaal Nathrakh or Peccatum – look immediately to ‘ieuD’.

Accordions/harpsichords and blastbeats and nothing else dominates songs like ‘Houmous’ – crashed with a traditional jewish song theme – or ‘Va te foutre’ a complete out-there song. Generally the songs fall between the dark, industrial and brutal or the melancholy classical or a jumpy funky kind of electronica. ‘Spaghetti Forever’, ‘Apopathodiaphulatophobie’ and ‘Robert’ are solid pieces of the energetic brutality of metal whilst being completely Igorrr. All the while ‘Problème d’émotion’ and ‘Au Revoir’ should be in Latin Classical opera houses!

But funk, yes there is funk, there is a happy bounce that makes me think of Yann Tiersen. If you consider ‘Cheval’, an otherwise solid piece of Metal, it is completely dominated and overturned by the way that the accordion offsets this energy. Slap bass and more instruments further solidify this stance. You can never expect what will happen next. I can see people dancing to this in a way that goes from happy to waltz to a modest movement.

Savage Sinusoid is a wonderfully varied piece of insanity. I don’t even know if it can be rated! If you like trying new things or experiencing music or even just your offbeat music, then Igorrr will be your next favourite band. If you like your music to keep a sense of what it is or for it to be a solid piece of straight up metal, then this band will only terrify you. It never rests, it never stays the same and it’s entirely Igorrr.

Score: ??/10

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