A Thousand Horses: 'Bridges' Album Review

A Thousand Horses, a band that really helped this reviewer get their ear into Country and Country Pop/Rock music, along with some help from big names like Chris Stapleton and The Cadillac Three, have released new album Bridges but does it live up to the standard set by previous album Southernality?

"Blaze Of Somethin'" is the perfect opener on the album encompassing everything A Thousand Horses is about within a matter of seconds. There are those songs that from start to finish manage to evoke emotion in the listener and this does exactly that throughout. "Burn Like Willie" is a lot of fun, the twangy reverb from the guitar creates a bouncy rhythm whilst the drums and vocals make for a dance-along anthem that is difficult to not want to bob your head too. The tone of Michael Hobby's voice is nothing short of beautiful. It is what sets A Thousand Horses apart from the masses. Country Rock is a hugely over-saturated genre but every so often you find something special and this band is one of those finds. This is never more evident than in "Preachin' To The Choir" and "One Man Army" where Hobby's tone and melody is truly stunning.

"Bridges" is one big self-confession of mistakes and bad habits in life but in the end just shrugs it all off as life's journey saying "No worries, It's just water under the bridges iv'e burned...". "Weekends In A Small Town" is sadly the last of the studio tracks on the album but it does round off this part of the listen beautifully. Another reflective and emotive listen that tells a story yet allows the listener to cast their mind onto familiar memories. A beautiful and empowering listen.

It was a little disappointing getting to track 7 and realising that was the end of the studio tracks on Southernality but the live tracks are still a welcomed listen nonetheless. With alternate live versions of singles "Travelin' Man" and "Smoke" thrown in alongside version of new Bridges tracks you really get a feel of how talented the band are.

Passion oozes from this album. If someone was to ask who A Thousand Horses are you would need to hand them Bridges and tell them to strap in! This is more like a mini-album with added live bonus songs but those six studio tracks are so good it is hard to criticise. Crank up the volume on this one because summer and Bridges need to go hand in hand! 9/10


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