Decapitated: 'Anticult' - Album Review

I find that Death Metal is very much seeing a lot bands creating subgenres or trying to recapture something of old and not really taking Death Metal into new territory. There are actually some amazing bands that are doing any of these things but few are solidly sitting within contemporary Death Metal – but we have Decapitated. This Polish Death Metal powerhouse has been around and have matured their sound but are a band that never stops pushing. Their sound solid and brutal. 7th July we take another punch with Anticult.

When Death Metal hits it can hit really hard and really fast. This is the kind of force that Death Metal is good for. The same can be said for Anticult, when it hits it hits hard and fast. Its brutality outmatched by its raw energy. The album waits till its second song ‘Deathvaluation’ to give us a great example of this and with songs like ‘Kill the Cult’ we see Decapitated turned up to 11. When they get that energy moving the sheer force of it can be overwhelming. The rest of the album powers through its songs in a similar vein but despite the strengths of ‘Anger Line’ and ‘Earth Scar’ – especially in their solos – the album runs the risk of seeping into the background.

Decapitated are a tour de force of extreme metal and strangely enough its albums like this that can remind you of this. Their music strong, powerful and energetic. It can sometimes blow you away and really push you through anything. Anticult is this, but it just sees Decapitated short of their greatest efforts. A few tracks will stay with you and it still lies amongst the best of Death Metal but it lacks the staying power of their previous albums with every song though still with a few. Decapitated’s Anticult, despite its shortcomings, is a piece of solid Death Metal.

Score 6/10

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