Reckless Intentions - Lights | EP Review

Reckless Intentions - Photo Credit: Nick Lee-Shield

Struggling to find something new to listen to that ticks all your punk needs, without the dose of mainstream you normally spin? Fear not as newcomers Reckless Intentions are set to release their debut EP, Lights on July 14th that will certainly keep you occupied to say the least.

Spawning from Brighton, the band of four pride themselves on colliding traditional power-chord pop punk that we all know and love, with upbeat and catchy melodies that make their fresh take on the genre refreshing and extravagant. With their modern day influences glistening clear in their music from the likes of: State Champs and Moose Blood to name a few - more older inspirations take refuge inside their craft from old school punk legends The Clash that leaves doses of enjoyment for everyone to sink their teeth into.

With a total of five tracks on Lights, each differentiates from one another in its own unique way which the band should be proud of achieving - as they don't trap themselves in guidelines like other bands of today restrict themselves too. Tracks like lead single 'Stitches' is a major stand out on the EP as it showcases the band's instrumental talents as they chug their way through a pleasantly building song that falls perfectly alongside a set of effortless and calm vocals which creates the perfect chilled out vibe. Track four 'Outcast' on the other hand is a perfect representation of just how versatile Reckless Intentions can be, as they deliver a slightly heavier approach that you can only lead to a bouncing head. Overall Lights was a very enjoyable listen that will no doubt appeal to many people seeking something more than the mainstream of today's punk scene. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/recklessintentionsuk Twitter: @recklessband_uk Review by Josh Bates