Silverstein - Dead Reflections | Album Review

Eight albums in, Ontario's Silverstein can be considered veterans at their craft. Their blend of melancholy and vigour has kept their journey through post-hardcore at the very least an interesting one, and one that has seen the Canadian's often push themselves when in the studio. Dead Reflections tells the tale of vocalist Shane Told's darkest days - and there's a sinister tingle that seems to float throughout the record, both lyrically and contextually. Not quite an overtly heavy album, but Dead Reflections comes with enough punch in the right areas to secure some crossover appeal. 'Whiplash' and 'Lost Positives' both feature the jumps between a thick, heavy sound and more mellow infused rock - which is a theme that tends to flit in and out of the record. While Dead Reflections never nails down a vocal tone to stick to throughout the record - Shane Told often anchors every track with poise and ease, rarely letting the quality slip below enticing. Hearty, anthemic choruses are part of what kept Silverstein in the dance this long, and this type of climax lead songwriting is far from left for dead on the record. Both 'Mirror Box' and 'The Afterglow' possess the kind of insatiable hooking choruses that can be found on classic Silverstein hits like 'My Heroine' and 'Smile In Your Sleep' from the bands 2005 effort Discovering The Waterfront. There's not a whole lot of weight that flows throughout Dead Reflections though, and while it has its moments of ingenuity and enjoyable melody - there's nothing particularly game changing here, and it does feel like the quintet are some way off their best with this release, despite its moments of charm. Dead Reflections is a by the books post-hardcore album. Pre-existing fans of Silverstein will know what they're getting here, which is moments of pace and aggression with sing-along choruses and good production thrown in for good measure. The Canadians are unlikely to set the world on fire with this latest release, but it brings with it just enough fire power that it's unlikely to turn current fans away. Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/silversteinmusic Twitter: @Silverstein Review by Kristian Pugh


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