A Tribute to Chester Bennington

"Chester Bennington has died at the age of 41. It is a loss that has shaken me to my core. A man that has inspired so many and, along with his comrades in Linkin Park, has polarised opinion and made music that has spawned generations of musicians and fans, an inspiration that will last long after this very sad day.

As for so many people, Linkin Park were my introduction into rock music and nothing has ever quite lived up to them in my eyes. There are different types of fans and I am the die-hard kind that has loved and appreciated every single song the band has released both officially and underground since their inception.

Sitting with my best friend and my dad at their Birmingham show on the 6th July only two weeks ago I sat in awe at a man that commanded an arena with ease and was arguably in the best shape he had ever been. One moment would see him sending the arena into a frenzy as he screamed the roof down and the next would see him deliver a piano version of "Crawling" that hit the heartstrings harder than any other live show could hope to deliver. Seeing Hybrid Theory in full at Download Festival is and forever will be one of the most unforgettable moments of my life, a moment where I felt connected to the band and every single person around me. Chester was a talent that does not come around often or even at all! There is no one quite like him. On a purely talent based perspective he was hall of fame material, the man that could somehow scream with passion and tone whilst having a voice so diverse he spanned genres far and wide from grunge to pop to metal. As a frontman he was simply unrivaled.

It is hard to put into words the impact that this has had both on the music scene and on myself. On a personal level I have lost an idol that I have looked up to for over a decade, the man that has inspired me to get up and chase my dreams. The tattoos on my arms quoting the vast musical career that Linkin Park have boasted now pays tribute to a man that gave me the fire in my belly to pursue Noizze and to go and grab any and every opportunity that has presented itself to me... All I can say is thank you.

Our thoughts are with Chester's family and friends, no one will be feeling the loss more than them.

- Jac Holloway"