Shindignation: The Preview

With only two weeks to go until Shindignation we at Noizze are keen to shed a light on why you should want to head down to the festival.

So what is Shindignation? Shindignation are boasting a festival with a DIY feel including genres from Punk-Rock to Neo-Soul. The amazing dudes organizing the festival have also managed to pin down 4 venues and 40+ bands so there is plenty here to satisfy!

When is it? 5th August And where? Situated in Bow, East London

Venues include: The Engine Rooms, The Bow Bells, The Beehive, The Widow's Son Most importantly, who should I see? Okay so there is a huge range of bands playing this music melee but below is our "Must See" list:

Rock duo Royal Indians are bringing their dreamy guitar tones and soothing vocal melodies to the day whilst The Pink Diamond Revue bring their electro/psyche grooves and outrageously trippy live show including Acid Dol "the model from another dimension". Electro-pop duo (five piece when live) Chilè bring their sad stories and beautiful melodies into the mix. With strong hooks and fantastic vocal blends these guys will be quite the spectacle.

Rockers Black Mamba Fever bring a bit more of the noise with their balls-to-the-wall style of rock and roll. If their music videos are anything to go by you can expect a full-blown show on this one! Girls In Synthesis are a great one for all you fans of obtuse punk. The band were formed to represent the noise and violence of the modern world so expect fast-paced grit and angst! Dark pop trio Lock are definitely something a bit different that you will want to cast your gaze towards. Sisters Edie and Gita Langley explore the darker elements of their unusual past with their addictive pop melodies and their sound will definitely translate beautifully dark live.

Jords is an artist that hits Shindignation with his stunning R&B/Hip-Hop mix that is infectious and fluid. He will be a welcomed break in amongst the bands at the festival and his music is ambient and powerful. Skinny Milk bring psychedelic garage punk from Brighton that hits hard and hits fast with the riffs heavy throughout. Their live performance is one that you can to be loud and ballsy. Sisteray have made a huge impact on the underground scene with a plethora of positive comments from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Subculture and Radio X. Their exposure is supported by their politically influenced straight up rock and by the sounds of it it is coming across very very well! Last up are headliners The Virginmarys. You have probably heard that name before because the band are one of the hardest working DIY bands in the underground scene and have been building a following since 2009. You do not want to miss these guys round off proceedings at Shindignation, it will definitely be your last chance rock out and dance!

We have gone the extra mile on this one and are official supporters of the festival. This is important to mention as we genuinely believe in the music scene working together to help support eachother. Shindignation will be a hell of a spectacle for music fans who love finding music of all genres as well as bands and artists who are merging genres too.

We have barely scratched the surface on the bands you can catch on the 5th August so do yourselves a huge favour and go along to see some amazing talent.

You can grab tickets for the festival right HERE. Check out the full line up below: