THROWBACK | Bad Omens | Boston Music Rooms, London | 20/06/17

Noizze were lucky enough to witness the final show of US metalcore newcomers Bad Omens debut UK tour which, earlier on in the day, they'd told us they had a very good feeling about after the reception they received at the other shows on the tour.

Warming the crowd up for the night is Sibling [7], a post-rock group from South East England, fronted by ex Hindsights vocalist Benio Baumgart. Sounding wildly different from our headline act tonight, the five piece still do a good job of entertaining a crowd that have turned up for a very different kind of musical act.

The atmosphere in the room becomes vastly different however as Bad Omens [8] emerge to show us exactly why we all came to see them tonight. Wasting absolutely no time in getting the show started, they storm onstage to a vicious sounding 'Reprise (The Sound Of The End)', followed by a ravaging rendition of early single release 'Exit Wounds'. If it wasn't for the lack of any barriers it'd be easy to forget you were inside a relatively small venue, no doubt due to the far reaching echoes of frontman Noah Sebastian's vocals. With just one album of songs to pick from, it's a relatively short set for a headlining act, but each song included is pulled off with such passion and competence that it's just as satisfying as a stretched out performance from any band with a longer back catalogue. This is more than emphasized when the band tear through 'Glass Houses', a song they released well over a year ago now, with such raw enthusiasm that it made it feel like a brand new song that the band were excited to finally be able to play. Except it was even better than that, because everybody already knew all the words!

Set highlights in particular include the entire crowd joining in with colossal anthem 'The Worst In Me', an emotionally ripe, arena sized performance of 'The Letdown' where Noah really showed off just how far he can push his vocals , and the intense mosh pits brought on by heavier songs like 'Hedonist', 'Malice' and 'Broken Youth'. In just one show, Bad Omens have proven that they belong on bigger and better stages, able to stand out from other newcoming bands with an air of professionality and grace in their performance. Their large sound partially due to their well co-ordinated orchestral and synth elements in their song, partially due to Noah having an incredible vocal range that sounds just as huge live as it does on record.

In the final moments of the show, after the band had been pleaded to take back to the stage with chants of 'one more song!' by a crowd still hungry for more, Bad Omens delivered a perfect send off, dropping a fittingly ferocious 'Feral', a song with a wondrous blend of sing along lyrics and mosh ready guitar riffs. The pit opens up, knowing this is their last chance to move, and when the last leg of the song hits the crowd really goes in for it. The band leaves the stage and heads straight over to the merch table, where they hang around to meet everyone, take photos and sign merch until the crowd finally disperses. Judging by the show tonight, this small run of UK shows has been a big success for the band and the next time Bad Omens head over the the UK, they're gonna need a bigger stage.