The Hirsch Effekt: 'Eskapist' - Album Review

The Hirsch Effekt are a band from Hannover in German that escapes classification. Sitting within the realms of Math/Indie Rock and Progressive Metal with a bit of Post-Punk for good measure. Despite their mad amount of influences, they’ve been very successful since the release of their first album, Holon, in 2010. Eskapist is their fourth album and was released August 18th via Long Branch Records.

By now The Hirsch Effekt have built up their signature style. Unique to them is a rather epic sense of song structure that owes its roots within progressive metal. Whilst the guitars go between Djent and Indie Rock riffs and all the while the sheer energy brought to their songs is overwhelming. The vocalist, goes from emotionally atmospheric moments to a punk energy to screaming each note out at you. This stlye isn’t lost here, if anything it is proven here. Eskapist feels like a very honest and mature sounding album.

Songs like ‘Lifnej’, ‘Tardigrada’ and ‘Aldebaran’ showcase this energy and brutality. Whilst moments like ‘Nocturne’, ‘Autio’ harp to more atmospheric moments giving the album versatility. Although ‘Lysios’ is the most ambitious song on the album, a sheer culmination of all moments leading and defining the sound of the band. ‘Lysios’ could almost be a stand-alone moment for the band, where it is able to weave in and out of atmosphere and exciting brutality it almost separates itself from the rest of the album. With an album this ambitious and varied it will hit people differently. Some moments will be almost forgettable whilst others will be your next favourite tunes. Furthermore, with a sound this varied, you’ll notice each track; offering something new with each song.

The best aspects of this album also offer up its difficulties. A sound this unique will leave an impact whether good or bad and there’s usually enough there to hit home a solid mark on your ear drums. The melodic atmosphere really gives an emotional impact between the moments of a roaring fire. Songs like ‘Lysios’ are the perfect example of the album. It goes in a unique direction and when moments miss you there’s usually an amazing one just round the corner. The Hirsch Effekt have a perfect understanding of who they are and what they want to bring to each album. I can only imagine that their albums will get better from here. Eskapist is a solid start to hearing a powerfully unique band like The Hirsch Effekt.

Score: 7/10

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