Montroze | Escape | EP Review

Working to build a strong fanbase with two EP’s under their belt, Montroze are set to release their third and newest EP Escape this September. For a very ‘DIY’ band, the EP itself brings a raw yet professional sense throughout, letting Montroze stick to their own roots.

Throughout Escape, the eccentric familiarity of Montroze’s pop-punk elements shine through, especially from their leading single ‘Shameful You’ that brings not the fastest pace, but a good fluid pace that fits the lyrical aspect of the band. The band's emotional fluidity is also shown through a couple of the tracks, and is highlighted most through ‘Escaping Part II’. The emotion in the songgets stronger as the track develops creating a calming, melodic closing track.

The one issue that flows through Escape is the generic sound that is identified in certain tracks. While there are snippets of originality in most tracks, it does appear that opener ‘Escaping’ does, at points, sound like the generic pop-punk style that many other bands have been putting out in this over-saturated scene. Of course, that’s not to say that the band doesn’t have its moments, as shown through ‘Contemplation’, with its acoustic, emotional outpouring and almost ballad feel.

For some, it may seem Montroze take clear influence from other pop-punk bands with such a strong familiarity through their tracks. However, the bands own sense of independence through their take on the style along with the EP production is beginning to shine through here in this EP.



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