Crafteon: 'Cosmic Reawakening' - Album Review

Inspired by all things horror and especially H.P. Lovecraft, Crafteon's debut album Cosmic Reawakening is a dark piece of music covered in Black Metal to the likes of Drudkh, Ancient, Carpathian Forest and Watain. The brainchild of Lord Mordiggian and traced back to 2012, this album has been a long time building itself. Black Metal is one of the few genres that lends itself to experimentation and atmosphere a lot more than most. Where some almost use ''atmospheric'' as an insult, Black Metal uses it as a modus operandi.

Crafteon know this and the buzz of an evil guitar and rather echoed and nulled thud of a base drum lends itself to the cries of evil gone made with sinister anger. Though what makes Crafteon is the use of Bass lines that almost insist upon themselves to be heard over the harshness of the rest of the instruments. This becomes fully realised through songs like 'Dagon' and 'From Beyond' that bring a speed that cries out brutal aggression. Whilst the surprising amount of melody that works its way into songs like 'The Colour Out of Space' and 'The White Ship' brings an atmosphere that shows real potential. 'The Colour Out of Space' brings forth an atmosphere the looks to a kind of evil story and therefore rises above the rest.

Whilst the rest of the album has energy to make the aforementioned tracks, 'Dagon' and 'From Beyond', the kind of songs that will hold their own amongst the sheer cruelty of a Black Metal song, Cosmic Reawakening is not without fault. Falling into the trap that most Black Metal in its search for 'Pure Evil' can fall, the accomplishments are within a self contained moment that remains constant. The tracks that shout out are there upon repeat hearings but otherwise they're not too distinguishable from each other. Altogether this makes Cosmic Reawakening an effort in search of something that will get better with time. What is surprising for a debut album is the well defined sound. It has been able to be more than a lot of its contemporaries.

Crafteon has started, it may well build and one can hope so. Cosmic Reawakening is a fine piece of Black Metal and part of a genre in Metal that refuses to give way. However, the album isn't quite the strength that they could be, nor enough to be above the finer points of Black Metal. Perhaps this is a small price to pay, we've got something and that's not something that can be said for a lot of bands out there.

Score: 7/10

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