Corrupt Moral Altar - Euonia

After a long period of radio silence from the liverpudlian Grind ‘n’ roll merchants, alongside losing a member of their ranks to join extreme metal legends Napalm Death (which should come as a stamp of approval for them in all honesty), Corrupt Moral Altar took us all by surprise and self released their sophomore album ‘Eunoia’ out of the blue for pay what you like/free via their own bandcamp page. For lack of a better term, this album is an absolute ass-kicker from when you hit play on first track ‘Human Cry’ to the last ring out of ‘Five Years’. Not for one second does this album let go of the accelerator, every track is as hard hitting as the one before it. Compared to their previous album ‘Mechanical Tides’, Corrupt Altar sound more feral and pissed off than ever, which is an achievement in itself. Vocalist Chris sounds almost animalistic with some of the best screaming I’ve heard this side of Converge’s Jane Doe. The production of the record itself complements every instrument & vocal delivery thanks to the masterful ear of their own drummer and master engineer Tom Dring, who’s previous work with such artists as Venom Prison, Dragged Into Sunlight and Dawn Ray’d have perfected his craft to new levels of excellence shown on this record. As with a lot of grind records you can stumble across, a criticism that can be thrown at the record is that the tracks throughout the record tend to blur into each other due to the short lengths & similar riffs and song structures. However what Corrupt Moral Altar excels at is writing catchy and energetic riffs, which any mild mannered metal fan could snap their neck to head-banging away. Overall, Eunoia is a fantastic, slick and well overdue follow up to their previous material, which cements themselves as one of the leading bands within the UK underground metal scene. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/CorruptMoralAltar Twitter: @CorruptMoralAlt