A Higher Demise - To Death Or Victory | EP Review

Hailing from Kent, A Higher Demise's latest entry in the form of To Death Or Victory will be turning more heads towards the ambitious five-piece. While not exactly flawless, the EP is a decent introduction to the band and showcases an extensive range of instrumental and vocal talent.

The EP explores post-hardcore reminiscent of bands such as Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Drop Dead, Gorgeous, a sound not heard too often in today's market due partly to the collapse of MySpace, but it is a sound that feels almost like it wouldn't have been out of place should the website still be popular today – certainly not a bad thing.

There are certainly highlights and low points of the EP – 'The End Of Us' is a particular highlight thanks to some twisting female guest vocals, givng the track a vibe equivalent to that of Evanescence, which is welcomed. Others, such as 'Tear It Down', struggle to shine with some predictable breakdowns and slightly off vocals; this may be due to the average-at-best mix though, which does little to further the sound of A Higher Demise.

Overall, this is a strong release that will satisfy both old school brutality bashers and catchy sing along seekers. While there is nothing here that looks set to take the band to the next level, common sense suggests this will certainly not be the last you hear from A Higher Demise. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/AHigherDemiseUK Twitter: @AHigherDemiseUK


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