Perturbator - New Model | EP Review

Since it’s arrival, Synthwave is making waves across the oceans of both electronic music, and slowly but surely metal music. Across nearly every heavy music festival, there’s an artist flying the flag for brooding, John Carpenter inspired electronic dance anthems. Usually that artist tends to be one of two scene legends: Carpenter Brut; who seems to be conquering everyone with there eighties worshipping dance floor fillers, and Perturbator; who takes the darkest elements of electronica, the synthwave hooks and layers it with a bleak, cyberpunk-esqe outlook to create some of the best dance music in the game, leaving a wake of imitators paling in comparison with each new release. With the release of New Model, Perturbator mastermind James Kent has stated that he’s making an intentional departure from the Synthwave sound. What he’s returned with is a truly, evil sounding dark electronica record that takes all the best parts of his previous works we all fell in love with, and adds a new depth of towards the proceedings. Tracks like 'Tainted Empire' have an almost new found ferocity behind them, where you would once expect a pop hook to lighten the mood, instead you find yourself savagely beaten into submission with some the heaviest dance orientated riffs this side of Nine Inch Nails. It's the kind of sound that you wouldn't find surprising if Trent Reznor used it as inspiration for the next NIN record (it’s THAT heavy). When an artist claims to be abandoning their signature sound for something more fulfilling and challenging, this would normally strike fear into the most dedicated of fans. However by tearing up the rulebook and rewriting it in his own way, Perturbator has created a truly exciting and almost genre-defining record. One that will more than likely stand the test of time, than be left by the wayside when the eventual hype surrounding Synthwave starts to fade, further cementing an exciting legacy for the Paris based Synthsmith. Score:8.5/10 Facebook:/Perturbator Twitter: @The_Perturbator


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