Live Review: Let It Die, Ithaca, Nothing Clean & FilthxCollins At Stuck On A Name Studio 28/8/17

Another bank holiday, another shit-kicking sweat-fest due to take place in the holy grail of Nottingham live music venues that is Stuck on a Name Studios. Each band playing taking cues from different ends of the heavier/extreme metal spectrums, yet putting their own unique take on it. The first act of the evening was Notts local grind-violence duo FilthxCollins (7), who were off to a flying start with their intense blink-and-you’ll-miss it half a minute long blast anthems. Both guitarist Kez & Drummer Dan share vocal duties, which compliment each other really well as they both showcase a good range of vocal styles encompassed within the grindcore/powerviolence genres, whilst battering the absolute shit out of their instruments. With their set showcasing both older songs off their recent, very well received demo tape & new/to be released songs (some just written before taking to the floor) & a flawless Spazz cover to boot. One can only speculate a bright future for them. Having had the bar set high for the evening, Nothing Clean (8) took the bar off the stand and proceeded to batter every paying punter to death with it. With an average of 200mph blast beats, Nothing Clean are nothing short of relentless, with a vocalist supporting a voice that sounded like broken glass and a glare that could strike fear into the hardest pit warrior. . As soon as one song finished, before you could catch your breath, another song kicked off straight away. The only reprieve was a 20 second sample break supported by nauseating feedback, which didn’t make anything easier for the awestruck listeners. Having heard of Ithaca (7) being mentioned many times before, yet (stupidly) not giving them my time of day til this gig, I was going in blind with these guys. For a basic round up of what they sound like, Take Poison the Well’s Breakdowns, Norma Jean’s off kilter riffs, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s dissonant noise/jazz parts & you have Ithaca. In short: fucking awesome. Having been a fan of these guys since my early teens, this was a more than welcome change to the night’s proceedings. Ithaca had breakdowns so hard and noisy, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. A strong performance throughout their half hour set had me running to their merch table soon as they put their guitars down. Expect a review of their soon to be released album soon as I get my mitts on it. Headlining act Let it Die (10) are a hidden treasure of a band. They are hand on heart, one of the most intense and fun live bands in the entirety of the UK underground scene. With bands like Nails & Trap Them getting so much praise,it leaves wonders to see how Let it Die are doing that sound and style of music to an even more intense degree. With a guitar tone and volume to rival Sunn 0))), breakdowns so low and slow you’ve got slam bands phoning up for songwriting tips, & being one of the tightest live bands I’ve seen in a long time, Let it Die go for the killing blow & don’t stop until everyone in the room is suffering headbang induced neck injuries. Let it Die are definitely one of the most exciting bands leading our scene, you’ll be stupid not to see them next time they play your city


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