Skywalker - Sugar House | EP Review

Whilst the thought of the Czech Republic may not conjure images and thoughts of a bustling hardcore scene, clearly something has been brewing under the surface for quite some time now. Following the release of a couple of EP’s and their 2014 debut full length Liberty Island, Prague’s Skywalker have enjoyed various successes in their short career as of yet, touring worldwide with such established acts such as Defeater, NOFX and Sick Of It All. With a fully established post-hardcore oriented sound that incorporates elements of pop-punk and traditional hardcore into the mix, it’s a wonder why they’re still simmering in the underground scenes on these shores. Yet, this could all change with their newest EP, Sugar House.

Despite only clocking in at around 15 minutes, this is without a doubt their most focused and concise effort to date; their post-hardcore oriented sound is injected with a healthy dose of pop-punk rhythm, ambience and ethos, breathing life into 2 genres that have become stagnated in more recent years. Whilst this crossover genre may be enjoying some moderate popularity recently, with acts such as Blood Youth and Chunk! No Captain Chunk rising through the ranks, but what sets Skywalker apart is the crystal clear and refined mixing within the release. Truly, it’s something that is often absent in releases by acts within this scene and of similar size and calibre. Granted, it’s not reinventing the conventional structure of this hybrid genre, but it presents what this crossover can offer when done correctly.

Tracks such as ‘Sugar’ and ‘Caffeine’ present their established sound at its purest, with the swift inter-playing of harsh and clean vocals harmonizing perfectly with softer pop punk harmonies and slamming hardcore inspired riffs and breakdowns, lifting them above the generic elements of each respective base genre. There’s massive cross-scene and demographic appeal here, something that should become clearly evident within the more wider and expansive alternative scene during their upcoming UK dates.

Overall, this is a handful of tracks bursting with passion and energy, and with a little more time spent tinkering on their sound to separate themselves from the hordes of similar acts emerging out of the woodwork lately, this could be act set to enjoy the spoils of popularity within a number of scenes and circles. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/Skywalkerhc Twitter: @skywalkerhc