7 Minutes In Heaven - Symmetry | EP Review

Symmetry is the follow up to 7 Minutes in Heaven’s successful 2015 EP, Side Effects. Symmetry shows that the band have found their sound, and that they know how to write a good chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. It’s quite a surprise that this EP is the first release whilst 7 Minutes in Heaven are signed to a record company – they signed to Rude Records in early 2017, and added drummer Brennan Gilbert to the mix.

Starting with a little bit of a crackle and pop - like putting the needle on the record - ‘Better Off’ features punchy drums, beautiful vocals from Timmy Rasmussen, and a heartfelt message. ‘Symmetry’, the title track of the EP, is a song of love and loss, featuring a beautiful interlude with subtle keys and echoing vocals, with reverb that studio engineer Seth Henderson should be proud of. When speaking of this song, vocalist Rasmussen explained that the song was written about a turning point in his life, when he discovered that “what worked before, no longer does”.

Each of the tracks on the EP are both similar and beautifully different, with heartfelt lyrics layered over hard-hitting drums, and guitars that are a perfect blend of pop and punk. The theme running throughout each song is that of positivity, despite all that the world has to throw at us. Covering everything from love and hope to moving on and finding yourself, Symmetry features six brilliant tracks that will have you singing and dancing along from the first listen. It really puts 7 Minutes in Heaven on the map and announces “this is who we are, come and get it”.

Overall, Symmetry is a well-crafted release, well-suited to fans of As It Is, Boston Manor, and Trash Boat. Score: 7/10 Facebook:7MIHBand Twitter: @7MIHband


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