Fortify - Valhalla | EP Review

Ready to release their debut EP come pop-punk newbies Fortify. From forming in 2015, releasing their debut single ‘Emergency Exit’, the band are prepared to make waves with their new EP Valhalla.

The EP certainly has its strong tracks. ‘Rumours’ brings along a blast of heavy relentless energy and creative originality both lyrically and creatively throughout the track. The bands original style is also portrayed through their debut single ‘Emergency Exit’ released in mid-2016. The track brings a sharper edge to the EP while capturing their original visions and ideas prior to release of ‘Valhalla’.

An issue that does occasionally flow through ‘Valhalla’ is a sense of familiar repetition. This seems to mainly run through the start of the EP, through tracks such as ‘What About Us’. While the track brings kicking vigorous verses mixed with captivating choruses, the track quickly becomes repetitive further on in the song. However, for later tracks, such as ‘Strangers’ there is less of the repetitive style and instead it progresses to capture lead vocalist Anna Louise’s immense vocal talent.

For a debut EP, Fortify certainly set a good example for bands releasing their own music. While ‘Valhalla’ may have its slight weaknesses, overall the EP is produced well and is strong both through its irascible lyrics and memorable musicality. This is a good start for Fortify and their style certainly comes through on their first EP. Score: 7.5/10 Facebook:/FortifyUK Twitter: @FortifyUK