Gun - Favourite Pleasures | Album Review

GUN's 7th studio album, Favourite Pleasures sees the veteran Glasgow hard rockers return to their roots, with a gritty, personal, 'back to basics' album. Recorded at their own Morse Code studios in Paisley, it's full of old-school riffs and things sure to get existing fans excited.

A lot has happened in frontman Dante Gizzi's life since the release of 2015's Frantic: it's these self-described 'curveballs' that have helped shape what could possibly be some of GUN's best material to date. This latest installment is half a breakup album and half about embracing your animalistic side and having a good time.

The album's titular track is an ode to giving in to your hedonistic side, with vocals akin to Axel Rose in his golden days, the track showcases pure glam mastery while still managing to sound like a piece of music made for the modern era. The S&M inspired 'Favourite Pleasures' is one of the standout tracks on the album and one that transports you back in time to the golden age of rock and roll: conjuring up images of the Sunset Strip in the mid-80's. The synthesizer in the intro provides a breath of fresh air while breaking up the straight classic rock anthems that make up the album and also helps to give the track a more modern vibe.

The following track, 'Take me Down' builds on that energy to complete a pretty strong mid-album one-two punch. The classic guitar riff that opens the track feels like your favorite pair of pants, familiar yet comfortable, and sets the tone for the rest of the piece: high-energy debauchery. This is easily the most catchy chorus on the album, it's definitely one which you'll catch yourself humming more than once after only one listen. Take me Down feels like it would be an excellent live set staple that would get the crowd really going.

This album is very much an 'if you like one track, you'll like the rest of them' kind of album: which can be a bad thing or a good thing depending on your tastes. While there's not a part of the album that requires a fast forward necessarily, it's somewhat disappointing that there wasn't more use made of differing elements such as the synthesizer found early in the album. One particularly excellent quality of the record though is the production aspect of it; the drums sound incredible and everything works very well together in the mix. It's clear that it was intended to be listened to turned all the way up to eleven.

All in all, Favourite Pleasures is a solid entry into the hard rock genre that symbolizes GUN's return to a sound reminiscent of them at the most revered point in their career: only with a sort of maturity that can only come from being more experienced both musically and in life.

If you need something to fill that Motley Crue shaped hole in your life, or want to relive the golden days of Glam and hard rock, this could be the album for you.

Score: 7/10 Facebook:/gunOfficialUK Twitter: @gunofficialuk