Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip | Album Review

It’s safe to say that when you think of Sleeping With Sirens, this album isn’t exactly up to their post-hardcore roots that you’d find on some of their earlier efforts. Sleeping With Sirens have certainly lost their old edge that drew in so many listeners, however - they are diversifying their sound, and bringing in new fans even if their old ones may have not followed through.

It certainly seems that Sleeping With Sirens are taking a different direction from their previous album Madness (2015). The album itself follows a rather basic pattern, especially during opening tracks such as ‘Gossip’. Leading single ‘Legends’ brings a good overall vibe of the album, as it seems most of the album stems off ‘Legends’ in some way or another. The record seems to fall into a softer more pop style that at some points never really progresses outside a simple repetitive chorus and guitar and electronic pattern.

Most of the album does focus on catchy aspects in the chorus, using more basic patterns compared to their more rock weaved musicality through Lets Cheers To This. The album brings catchy lyrics into the album in a way that keeps a personal vulnerability from vocalist Kellin Quinn, but still finds a way to keep the track more uplifting. ‘I Need To Know’ does this almost perfectly, still bringing the vulnerability of the lyrics but wrapped in a slightly more uplifting tune than expected.

Nevertheless, Gossip does have its different dimensions throughout. ‘One Man Army’ brings elements of the emotional, acoustic aspects which is also seen in the bands older discography. ‘Empire To Ashes’ then brings a catchy, yet darker appearance to the album while ‘Hole In My Heart’ brings a difference to the album, but unfortunately still echoes the extreme repetitive style that the band bring In Gossip. Gossip varies in styles in its own subtly ways and does bring some diversity to the tracks explored throughout.

Overall, Sleeping With Sirens are slowly incorporating a new style into their music, and this has been present from 2013’s Feel all the way to Gossip. This album will not be to everyone’s tastes, but it does highlight that Sleeping With Sirens aren’t afraid to divert from what is expected and that they will follow through their own way, and not conform to anyone’s expectations.

Score: 4.5/10 Facebook:/sleepingwithsirens Twitter: @SWStheband


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