Buried Realm - The Ichor Carcinoma | Album Review

September 29th 2017, sees the release of Buried Realm’s debut album The Ichor Carcinoma, which sees the next chapter in the soul key band member Josh Dummer’s, emotionally charged dark twisted vision come to life in the form of a hard hitting, electrifyingly intense experience for fans of Heavy Metal to experience and enjoy.

The album itself has been described by its creator as an exploration of “Mental and Physical battles of terminal illness/disease and an attempt to rebuild”, which really rings true with the overwhelming atmosphere resonating out of my headphones while listening intently to each track.

The records overall flow truly stands, especially when continuously listening track by track, at times though TIC can feel a little disjointed due to extreme changes half way through one or two tracks, but it quickly reels you back into the incredibly infectious hooks and insane growls/screams which almost haunt you into submission.

Specific highlights from the Album include: ‘Asphyxiation Lullaby’ (Track 3), ‘Unscrupulous’ (Track 8) & the albums final climatic offering ‘SuperSpell’ (Track 10).

‘Asphyxiation Lullaby’ is a fast paced, chest pounding and theatrical experience, designed to make you feel like it has you caught in a choke hold for the duration. The combination of hard hitting instrumentals intertwined with the perfect balance of growls, screams and clean vocals really captured my attention, leaving me begging for more as the tracks Outtro loosened its hold for a really great ending.

‘Unscrupulous’ at times is reminiscent of the musical direction of Marilyn Manson & In This Moment had taken for their respected albums The Pale Emperor & Ritual. On both albums undertones of Blues Rock and a Dark twisted American Horror Story style fantasy reined superior, while intertwined with heavy metal. This combination seems to resonate especially within the Intro and certain sections throughout the entirety of ‘Unscrupulous’. Sticking with the witchy theatrics accompanied by the hard hitting instrumental throughout the majority of the record works impeccably, allowing the song to really flow and take on a life of its own, while blasting you with ghostly shrieks that echo through your head for days.

‘SuperSpell’ out of the gate captures your attention and does in a way cast a spell over your consciousness to listen intently. Through the fast paced instrumental, the Scream & Growl partnership takes centre stage as they almost dance around each other while the albums running theatrical show sours with the breakdowns building momentum and intensity. There’s almost a Skid Row, ‘Slave to the Grind’ like quality before the pace increases then glides to a decent ending, which would sound out of this world when played live.

The albums great triumph is the ability to really send you on a rollercoaster of theatrics and intense emotional struggles Dummer’s produced for the benefit of his awaiting fans. The Ichor Carcinoma may only be the first offering this Colorado local has to offer, but it’s a great impression to start off with, especially with the knowledge that all the tracks featured on the album were written, performed, produced and mixed all by Mr Josh Dummer himself, while performing alongside a slew of special guest performers who are key members of numerous metal bands such as Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Firewind.

The Ichor Carcinoma is a great debut for Buried Realm, at times a little discombobulated and hard to listen to due to the overwhelming intensity featured on nearly all tracks without a proper breathing space. But, it really captures the experience of dealing with personal demons while staring down at the abyss. The fearless attitude of standing up to that deep emotional pain is really inspirational, and the choices made in the song writing process really made this offering one not to miss. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/buriedrealm Twitter: @BuriedRealm